San Miguel Beer Valentine’s Party at SMC Parking Lot, Feb. 13, 2009

San Miguel had their heart’s day celebration at the parking lot opposite San Miguel Corp last Feb. 12 and 13. We were invited to attend the 13th with Soapdish, Kamikazee and Mocha Girls as their guest performers. I hope we were also able to attend the 12th because Sugarfree was there (too bad I have work the next day). Anyway, we got VIP tickets and had some free beer. We also got the chance to see the band (and the girls) up close since we were literally infront of the stage. Lucky I was in this event and not in UP Fair. I guess you have heard the UP Fair riot happened that night as well.

The event’s theme was sort of like a high school fair because they have booths such as jail booth, tarot card reading, etc. It actually made me remember the high school fairs I have attended while I was still studying in an exclusive school opposite the archer’s area (Get it? hehe).

The Brazilian models were also there. Since this is a beer event, there would always be girls just to entice curiosity among the audience (ahem, the male audience). I think that most of the men there were excited with the Mocha Girls. It was my first time to see them. I didn’t know anything about them except that girl-to-girl kissing scandal that they had a few months ago (which until now they are still denying, duhhh). Surprisingly, they can sing and of course dance. The songs they performed were the mainstream dance tunes in the likes of Britney Spears, Rihanna, etc… Men were literally infront (I think it’s just a few of us, I mean women) and these men were drooling over the super skimpy outfits of the Mocha Girls. In addition to their song and dance numbers, they also had a game wherein 3 men from the audience were invited to the stage. And guess what these women did? Oh yeah, they had body shots with them and gave them lap dances. During the lap dance, Mocha and another girl actually kissed. It’s like what they did in the “scandalous photos” of them kissing each other. That was accidental huh? NO! It was intentionally done to attact attention. Oh well, it’s nothing new for me (because it’s common for people like us) but for men, it’s titilating their senses. I was able to capture it on video but haven’t uploaded it yet. Hehe.

Anyway, Kamikazee was the last to perform. As always, Jay Contreras delivered a stand up comedy and rockin’ performance. Jay shared his cigarettes, mineral water and beers to the audience. I was one of the people who got a free beer from him. It’s been a long time since I saw Kamikazee live. Most of the time they’re joking around and we, the audience, can’t stop laughing as well. The event was done at around 2 am and the good thing was that the audience were behaved.

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