San Miguel Oktoberfest 2009 Party

San Miguel Beermen, Execs and Oktobabes Toasting

San Miguel Beermen, Executives and Oktobabes Ceremonial Beer Toast

“Times may be difficult but for fun-loving Filipinos, life goes on”.

This is San Miguel Beer’s press release for this year which I believe is very relevant on what is happening in the country today due to the recent super typhoon Ondoy. But even though how difficult our lives may have been and will be, we Filipinos still manage to smile.

The recent San Miguel Oktoberfest Party happened last September 25 at the Coyuito Parking Lot in Ortigas Center, was the night the rains our pouring non-stop. I thought that the event will be canceled but they pushed it through. We were sheltered by the air-conditioned tent that San Miguel provided.

San Miguel Beermen toasting

San Miguel Beermen Toasting

Surprisingly, even though rains were pouring hard outside, many people still arrived to celebrate.

Beer and Bloggers

Thanks to Juned, we had our own table in the media area. I was surprised that there was a table that specifically said ‘bloggers’; usually bloggers are mixed with the mainstream media. I was with Fritz, Juned and Karla.

Michael V

Michael V

Michael V., one of the endorsers of San Miguel Beer, was one of the hosts of the event. He will be hosting the San Miguel Beer Barkada Challenge game show that will air on October 5 in GMA-7. There was another lady who hosted, I’m not sure who she is (I think she’s a dj a RX). Michael V. lead the ceremonial toast for the annual Oktoberfest together with the San Miguel executives, Beermen and the Oktobabes.

Camwhoring with Michael V

We got the chance to have our camwhoring moment with Bitoy at the media area 🙂 Do you see the abundance of cheeks? Haha. Buti pa si Bitoy hindi oily, kami ni Karla oily na. LOL.

Poi Girls

Poi Dancers

San Miguel Oktoberfest always has these three B’s: Booze, Babes and Bands.

Booze is all around. People can choose from any San Miguel Beer brand. They’re even selling Gold Eagle Beer which was popular during the 90’s. As for me, I chose San Miguel Premium (the green one), Oktobrew (the one with blue seal) and Cerveza Negra.

For the babes, there’s the Poi Dancers and of course, the Mocha Girls. They’ve been consistent with San Miguel events like the pre-valentine event held last February.

Mocha Girls Back

Mocha Girls

The Mocha Girls was one of the artists that are being anticipated by the audience which was, ahem, composed mostly of men. They went onstage and almost ready to start but the band isn’t prepared yet. So they left the stage and returned after a few minutes.


Mocha Girl – Mocha


Mocha Girl – Heart

Mocha Girls

They did their usual stuff. There’s nothing really I haven’t seen before. It’s the same routine, they only covered some new songs.

Digging on Mocha

The Mocha Girls again seduced men from the audience by doing lap dances for them while singing 2Become1 of the Spice Girls. Like I said, I’ve already seen that routine before but I didn’t see Mocha and Hershey kiss onstage. Hmm. Probably, they’ve changed? They always like to titillate men by doing that. Well, as you seen in the photo above, Mocha made a Beerman kiss her cleavage. The guy at the back, whom Mocha called “chocolate boy”, probably hopes that he’s on that guy’s place. I even remembered him being so “turned on” while he was being lap danced by one of the girls. Ok, so enough of the Mocha Girls.


Jeff Bolivar of Soapdish

So after the babes, the program started to show the bands. Soapdish was the first band to perform. Their emo songs made some drunk people in the audience sing along with them. They even performed the song “Ely Buendia” while, ahem, the real Ely Buendia was already backstage. I wonder how he felt when he heard that song live? Haha. I couldn’t barely see him as there was a curtain blocking my view to the back of the stage.

Jay Contreras of Kamikazee

Jay Contreras of Kamikazee

Now enough of the emo and now we go to the crazy Kamikazee. Karla and I were at the audience area ready to take our pictures of Kamikazee when suddenly the crowd rushed to our area. We squeezed our way out of the beginning-to-be-rowdy audience and sneaked our way into the front of the fence which was a safe zone for us with cameras. Wow, these are the days when you appreciate being access to the front. *thank you thank you*


The Kamikazee crowd

Jay Headstand

As usual, Jay was singing his heart out (and even doing headstands). Jay threw a bottle of mineral water to the audience and what did we get? One person (or a couple of individuals) decided to throw water (or I think there was also beer) to the people in front. We were wet but I knew that this will happen (like duh, this is a rock concert!).  I’m not upset in fact, I enjoyed it. Haha. I just miss the good ol’ times when I was at the moshpit and enjoying the rock and roll vibes around. However, I have a camera in my hand (and it’s Karla’s, not mine!) so I have to protect it.


Jomal Linao of Kamikazee

As usual, Kamikazee had a very powerful performance combined with their wits and what-nots in between songs.

Ely Buendia

Ely Buendia of Pupil

Kamikazee was supposed to be the last band according to the press kit that was gven to us. They’re the second band so therefore Pupil was the last. I’ve been watching Pupil for three straight weeks already. First was at the Archipelago album launch, then Puma Archive Uncovered event then this.

Ely Buendia 2

Ely’s fashion sense really differed through the years. If there would be an award for best dressed rock star, Ely Buendia will be at the top of my list. I liked the fit of this polka-dot polo on him. By the way, he’s the newest endorser of San Miguel Beer. You can see his face in the tarpaulins and posters of San Miguel Beer.

Anyway, they sang 11 songs. They covered some slow rock songs such as “I Never Cry” and “Under Pressure” which they performed during the Puma Archive Uncovered event the week before this. Please see photo of the set list I took below. The set list is just within my arm’s reach. Oh by the way, the sound system wasn’t good during Pupil’s set but it was ok during Kamikazee’s. I’m not sure why. Here’s the video of Pupil covering The Teeth’s Prinsesa.

Pupil Set List

Pupil’s Set List

Yan Yuzon of Pupil

Yan Yuzon of Pupil

Wendell Garcia, the drummer of Pupil, wasn’t there. I asked Ely where he is he jokingly said that Wendell’s the one playing. Anyway, the truth was, Wendell was in Marawi City.

So the event ended at around 2:30 am and the rains were still pouring hard. Our group decided to chill out at the nearest coffee shop around the area. Nobody knew that this was the start of Ondoy’s wrath.

To know when the next San Miguel Oktoberfest will be, you may view the schedule here.

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