San Miguel Oktoberfest: All roads led to Ortigas, literally.

This is my first Oktoberfest ever so I was very excited to go this event. So after work, Karla and I headed straight to Ortigas. We took the train of course because we are expecting heavy traffic since number 1, it’s a rush hour and number 2, it’s Oktoberfest. The queue in the MRT was long and of course the coaches were full. We arrived Shaw Station at 8:00 pm. We walked towards SM Megamall and then to SMC. Now the journey has started.

We arrived there with no tickets yet. Why? Because there were no tickets that were sold days before the event. There were lots of people, as in literally lots of them. We walked around because the security in Julia Vargas St. said that the VIP tickets were being sold at the other side of the block. We wanted to have the VIP tickets so that we can see Third Eye Blind. So we walked around the block, gladly there are still VIP tickets. By the way, the VIP tickets were sold at Php 1500 each. So we entered the Oktoberfest grounds, though the Gen Ad area first. The security said that it’s just at the end of the street so we just walked and walked and walked. I was looking at the drinking area and it was organized actually. There were tents with tables and chairs. The concessionaires were behind the beer bar. It was actually a long, long beer bar. They all have the “pulutan” a drinker would ask for. Name it, they have it. There were also stages set up for bands to perform. There were actually 4 stages that were set up, 2 small stages in San Miguel Ave, 1 small stage in Julia Vargas Ave and the biggest stage was in Julia Vargas corner San Miguel Avenue. Of course we are heading to the big stage since the rock bands are performing there.

So as we are walking towards the big stage, suddenly people can’t go on walking anymore. Then we saw the entrance to the special viewing area. We paid Php 1500 so we were expecting to be on that area. One man by the name of Ray Encomienda ( an employee of San Miguel) said that we couldn’t enter the area. He said that we go outside of the area and there’s a tent there where we could hang out. So we went out, and saw the tent. We knew that there was supposed to be an airconditioned area where we can hang out.

We entered the tent and felt relieved that it was airconditioned. Now we are feeling half of what we paid. There was lesser people there ( there were no orks! hehe), comfortable because there are lots of tables and chairs available and it’s airconditioned! There was also a stage inside where there’s a host ( it’s Rick Striker by the way, a dj from the defunct DWDM 95.5) and there were Oktoberbabes ( who were really lame). There games also to entertain the crowd. The tent was dark, not too much lights. Perks included in our tickets were 3 bottles of Oktoberfest Limited Edition beers each and a food stub. The food they served were German Sausages, Beef Spareribs ( which was by the way, hard to eat since we only have a plastic fork) and 2 pieces of mochi ice cream. All of them of course was San Miguel/ Magnolia products. Oh, they also served free ice cream. I wasn’t able to get mine, Karla did.

After eating ( and cooling down) , we wanted to position ourselves for Third Eye Blind. Bands were already performing and we really didn’t mind them since we can always see them during their regular gigs in local bars. So when we went out, there were lots of people struggling to enter the side exit ( the one near the VIP tent, remember where we went out?). There were already barangay tanods and bouncers because they are blocking the exit. I also observed that there were people surveying the attendees of the event and what were the problems and issues they faced during the event. Hmm, my sociological background urges me also to do that but anyway I was there to watch Third Eye Blind. I could hear people complain that they paid Php 120 and they couldn’t even enter the venue. It was about 11 pm then and more and more people were still coming. Obviously, they are still selling tickets and not thinking if they could still accommodate the people. While we were attempting to enter the side gate, there were some people who sort of banged the galvanized iron sheets ( in other words, yero hehe) that was erected to serve as a barricade. It felt scary then but I am still determined to enter the premises. So, I talked to the manongs there and told them that we have VIP tickets, they allowed us to enter after the body bumping with the people who had Gen Admission tickets.

Now we’re inside and since we were told by Mr. Encomienda that we couldn’t enter the special viewing area, we walked on the side and tried to get much closer to the stage. As we were approaching the stage more and more people were there and obviously it was hard to see the stage. I felt that this isn’t the amount we paid for so we walked back and saw a small entrance to that special viewing area ( i.e pig pen). We were allowed to enter by showing him our ticket. Hmm, we felt weird then because Mr. Encomienda said that we are not allowed there.

At last, we’re inside the “pig pen” for VIP. Now we are feeling the amount we paid for. We walked towards the side and we’re much nearer the stage. It’s definitely much better. I saw my college batchmate in UP and I asked her if she went to the VIP tent, she said that they didn’t enter the tent anymore and headed straight to the “pig pen”. So I was wondering, how come she was able to enter the premises.

Deep Inside of You


How’s it going to be

Third Eye Blind started performing at about 12:30 am. They performed about 10 songs, I know it’s more than that. I’m sorry, I wasn’t counting anymore. It was my first time to see them perform and also my first time to see a foreign act ( as far as I could remember, hehe). So enjoy some of the videos that I took. Sorry about the quality, I’m just using my mobile phone. Also, you can hear me singing in the background, I’m sorry too. hehe.

Overall, the Oktoberfest was really a disaster to those people who paid and weren’t able to get what they deserve. I believe there was a lack of coordination with the other members of the security. Also, haven’t they learned from the Eraserheads reunion concert? They should have released the tickets way before the event so that people can buy them immediately. When we were at the press launch the week before that, we were not even informed on how to get the tickets. So people were asking me  on how to get the tickets and I couldn’t give them a definite answer as to where.

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