San Miguel “Pilsen Time Na” Press Launch

In 1984, San Miguel Beer released a TV ad entitled, “Isang Platitong Mani” which featured popular Filipino icons such as “Flash” Elorde, pop icon Rico J. Puno, billiards champion Amang Parica and legendary jockey Eduardo Domingo. The ad became very popular and in 2009, San Miguel Beer made a remake of that famous TV ad which featured the newest endorsers from showbiz and sports industries such are Michael V. , Derek Ramsey, Efren “Bata” Reyes and Manny Pacquiao. This was where we heard the phrase “roasted highland legumes”, the English translation of the common finger foods that we Filipinos (and other beer-drinking nationalities) love to nibble whenever we have a round of beer.


For 2010, San Miguel Beer will be having the Pale Pilsen Peanuts Promo from January 23-March 12. For every 2 bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen, you will get 1 free bottle of Pale Pilsen and 1 serving of peanuts. The promo will run in selected bars in Metro Manila, North and South Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Aside from that, another promo, the Pilsen Time Pachinco Game will be played in selected bars in Central, North and South Luzon areas. Beer drinkers can get a chance to win a limited edition beer mugs.


Michael V, Melanka and the SMB Beermen

San Miguel just recently had their press launch in 3 different bars at the Ortigas Home Depot wherein the press people were able to experience the 2+1 Pale Pilsen beer and peanut promo and the Pilsen Time Pachinco Game. We were first at Jay-J’s Inasal. Hosts of the event were comedians Maverick, Ariel and Michael V. The event were also attended by 2 San Miguel Beermen, Danny Ildefonso and Chris Calaguio.

The organizers of the event enabled press people to become interactive. In Jay-j’s Inasal, we were assigned into groups so that we can participate in the games they have prepared for us. The first game was a series of trivia questions based on the hosts re-enactment of the “Isang Platitong Mani” commercial. All we had to do was to listen. Our group won a couple of gift certificates (yey!).

Round of Beers


(photo by Karla Redor of

After the first venue, we transferred to V58 bar where we had the Pachinco game. I volunteered to join (because I wanted to drink beer already 😉 but hoping that the pachinco will land on the slot where I can have a cup of beer. Well, the ball didn’t land there so I immediately won the beer much. Michael V. noticed that I wanted a mug of beer so they gave me a cup of beer anyway(yehey for me!)  ;).

(photo by Karla Redor of

Then for our last stop, we headed to Taboo Bar. Of course, since this is San Miguel Beer, the beer drinking contest will forever be present. The rule was to drink as much beers as you can for as long the San Miguel jingle plays. My friend, Juned, joined and was able to drink 2 bottles of beer. Michael V. wanted to see women drink beer and because I was infront, he made sure that I join. I had a lady contender from the press. I drank the whole bottle straight while my contender drank only half of it. Well, it was my first time to join that kind of contest in my life and glad that I was able to drink a bottle of Pale Pilsen bottoms up! Anyway, everybody became a winner and got the limited edition San Miguel jacket (Super thanks!).

Maverick and Ariel with Mark Logan
Maverick and Ariel with Mark Logan

Melanka (Czechoslovakian model)  Isn’t she pretty??? 🙂 She’s usually in San Miguel events such as this.

Hosts of San Miguel Pale Pilsen Time Event
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