Sandbox: Social Networking Website for the Filipino On-The-Go

Sandbox is the newest Filipino social networking website which became operational a few months ago. I know that you are already already saying to yourself “What? Another social networking website?” but for Sandbox,this one is different because it is developed by creative minds here in the Philippines. By the way, it’s brought to you by Smart.

I have been using Sandbox for quite some time now and been utilizing its basic features whenever I am in concerts or during food tripping! For as long as I have my mobile phone with me, I can already upload videos (up to 20 seconds long) and photos through MMS and voila, people in my network can already see what I’ve been up to and in real time. It’s very easy, all you have to do is to email your content to MMS rate is Php 10.00 per successful send. The photo above this paragraph shows the photo I uploaded while I was at the San Miguel Pre-Valentine’s Party in Ortigas. The latest uploads of friends within my network can be seen at the right bottom part of the photo. You can also track your friends’ latest activities located at the upper right side of the photo.

Also, I can also make short blogposts to describe the places or events I’ve been to. I remember I wrote a short blogpost on what I was doing before the Eraserheads Final Set Concert last March 7.

Aside from Sandbox being a social networking platform, it can also be a source of downloads for different music, ringtones , games and videos for your mobile phone. It will be Php 30.00 per successful download. There are also raffles and contests for Sandbox users which other social networks do not provide.

Moblogging (mobile blogging) becomes much easier and accessible to Filipinos with Sandbox. The good thing is that you can upload and download contents through web or mobile.

Sandbox is still in its beta stage and the people behind it are continuously improving the system. Why don’t you try it yourself to see the difference? Just register at

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