Saosin Rocked Manila!


Saosin (pronounced as Seyosin) is a band from Newport Beach, California that is categorized under the screamo (scream + emo) genre of music. The band came here to Manila last January 22 and performed at the A. Venue Hall in Makati.


I was there with my girlfriend Karla and another blogger friend Fritz right at the middle of the crowd. We’re not really infront but the spot where we were standing were ok. Saw some rock celebrities such as Francis Reyes, Jason Caballa (guitarist of Pedicab) and Kim of NU 107.5. I know Lalay Lim of Urbandub was there (because she tweeted that she’ll be going) but I wasn’t able to see her.

Typecast was the front act and performed a couple of songs. As any front act for a foreign band, they weren’t appreciated by the main act’s fans. Obviously, they’re very excited to see Saosin perform and wanted to get the front act band get off the stage immediately.

Saosin in Manila 13

After Typecast’s performance, a big white cloth covered the stage and a screensaver of the Saosin logo was flashing. Because of boredom, some people in the audience were already making fun of the screensaver thing playing shadow figures (some were naughty shadow figures/actions haha).

Saosin in Manila 7Cove Reber – vocalist of Saosin

Then the white cloth dropped, Saosin already started performing their first song “I Keep My Secrets”. The crowd went wild! The whole crowd was swaying front and back, left and right, which I didn’t have any control of. It’s like I was going with the flow wherever the crowd would bring me. It suddenly made me remember the mosh pits I got trapped in when I was in UP. The people were jumping (even I was jumping) while the crowd was singing their songs.

Saosin in Manila 10

Everybody who has a camera or even a cellphone camera had their arms raised up high. It was quite hard to take photos because most of the time the person infront of me were up. My back and arms ached because of that. Anyway, it was worth it. At least I was still able to get a few decent shots.

Saosin in Manila 2

Cove Reber with Justin Shekoski (guitarist) in the background

Saosin in Manila 8

Beau Burchell – guitarist of Saosin

Saosin in Manila 9

Chris Sorenson – bassist of Saosin

Saosin was so awesome! I was glad to have had the chance to watch them live or else I never will. Thanks to my blogger friend Coy Caballes for the ticket!

Saosin are Cove Reber (vocals), Chris Sorenson (bass), Alex Rodriguez (drums), Justin Shekoski (guitar) and Beau Burchell (guitar).

Here’s the set list of the songs they performed. The crowd chanted “one more song” after performing “Fireflies.

I Keep My Secrets Safe
Deep Down
It’s Far Better To Learn
The Alarming Sound of a Still Small Voice
On My Own
I Never Wanted To
Bury Me
You’re Not Alone

Seven Years

They Perched On Their Stilts, Pointing And Daring Me To Break Custom

Typecast’s first song

“I keep My Secrets”

The Manila Moshpit!

“You’re Not Alone”


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