Sepultura Rocked the Night at the 10th Red Horse Muziklaban


Saturday, November 29, was the big day for the finalists of the 10th Red Horse Muziklaban. The event was held at the Marikina Sports Complex and actually started at 2 pm until 5 am the next day. Me and other bloggers (Juned, Azrael, Jaydj and Karla) were there to grace the occassion and we had all access passes! Thanks to Juned of course 😉 . Karla and I were there at 6 pm but we weren’t inside the sports complex, we’re waiting for the other bloggers to come. While waiting, punks were all around the complex. Security was very tight as bouncers and policemen ( as in anti-riot team ) were around the vicinity. We were able to witness some rumbles while we were outside the sports complex and seeking for safe grounds away from them. Juned and Jaydj were waiting at Mcdo near the entrance so we immediately went there and went inside the sports complex with our passes. It felt more secured inside as people there were “behaved” compared to the people outside. Punks were chanting “Open gates! Open gates” but their plead weren’t granted. The entrance fee for general admission is Php 350, that comes with a free cup of beer while the VIP section is Php 3,000 which comes with food and beer. I’m not surprised the very few people bought the VIP tickets because it was way too expensive unlike the San Miguel Oktoberfest with Third Eye Blind performing (it was Php 1,500 then).



Radioactive Sago Project


While we were waiting outside we were able to hear some of the finalists perform. Too bad we weren’t able to take pictures and even see the finalist perform live. By the way, the Grand Champion was EVEN. ( Congratulations 😉 ) They have a lady vocalist and her voice is phenomenal, she can sound melodic and can growl too. Isn’t that cool? The bands I was able to catch were Kapatid, Fastpitch, Kjwan, Radioactive Sago Project, Queso, Slapshock, Greyhoundz and of course Sepultura!


The Karl Roy of Kapatid

This event was also the return of THE Karl Roy. I loved the AVP that was shown before Kapatid performed. It was morbid but it was awesome! As we all know, he had a ‘heart’ problem (no, not heartbroken) so he had to stop performing for awhile. Welcome back Karl!

It was a tiring night but it was definitely fun.

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