Shifting Careers

I will now reveal that I will be moving out of the call center industry on September and will be venturing a new career in a different industry. I have already filed my resignation last night effective August 27. It was not an easy decision to make since I have been attached to my teammates. We’ve gone beyond being just teammates, we share stories about our personal lives, our aspirations, rants and raves. I could say that I’ve earned new friendships from my relationship with my teammates that is why it’s really hard for me to decide if I should stay or should I go. This new job that was offered to me just came to me unexpectedly. I believe that applied for this job months ago ( to tell you frankly, I have forgotten that I applied for this job before…). then suddenly the HR manager of this company contacted me through my cellphone and did an initial phone interview. The position is market research analyst, it has the same compensation ( probably lower than a few hundreds 🙂 ) and it’s a day job ( meaning 9 am – 6 pm) and it’s a weekend off. Actually, you know what scares me before? Is that I could not find a ‘normal’ job that would at least compare the compensation I get with Chase. If you are familiar with the call center industry, it really pays high however if one would aspre to get out of it (without having experience in a different field), you would have to accept the entry level salary which is much lower than what you originally get in the call center industry. I’m lucky that I was able to be accepted on this job which has almost the same compensation with Chase and it’s not a call center ( meaning no shifting). Of course, I would still need to pick up the phone and speak in English since the clients and candidates that I will be speaking with are not locals, they would be based in Singapore, Hongkong, China, India etc…

Now you see, my emotions and rationality were conflicting here. I believe I’m a risk taker that’s why I took the challenge. I was scared to death if I can deliver the job that they’re expecting me to do ( being a newbie in the industry) but I’m glad that I have my girlfriend to support me. My mom is really supporting my decision to accept the offer since she wants me to have a ‘normal’ work life. My teammates didn’t really know that this decision has been bugging me ever since the company has started to interview me ( it was actually 4 interviews conducted). I didn’t want them to know first until I am really final with it. Fortunately, I got accepted and I opened up with them and informed them that I will be resigning.

I will now be serving my last month of work for this call center I work for. I will bid goodbye to the call center industry in a few weeks and will say hello to the executive search industry.

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