Sights and Sounds of UP Fair

UP Fair Crowd

UP Fair is one of my most anticipated events every year. Aside from the simple affiliation of being a UP alumna, I’ve had a blast during UP Fairs during my college years and even after graduation. It’s really different whenever I’m there. I feel I’m home. Even though many people say that UP fairs are always dangerous and unsafe to go, I really don’t care. During UP Fairs, the crowds are always a mixture of the grungy emo kids, UP and non-UP students, yuppies, artists and many more. Watching bands while I am at the audience is always a thrill for me and it really doesn’t matter if I stand for a couple of hours. 

Boto Mo Patrol Mo Booth at the UP FAir

Boto Mo, Patrol Mo Booth at the UP Fair – since National Elections is coming, it’s good that kids will be aware and can be a citizen journalist by signing up on this one. Karla and I signed up and we can report election-related news in our areas.

Koreans Dancing at the UP Fair

Koreans Dancing – Funny thing to see at the UP Fair. They are promoting something, just saw these young Koreans do their thing.

Dyis Is It at the UP Fair

Unique and funny signages are always at the UP Fair. This is a spoof of Michael Jackson’s “This is It” concert. They sell anything for 10 pesos.

Tinusok Festival at the UP Fair

This is another funny signage. Ikaw ba, natusok na? Hahaha.

Ferris Wheel at the UP Fair

Who didn’t have a moment at the Ferris Wheel?

Isaw at the UP Fair

Isaw is associated with UP so UP Fair is not complete without the eating it!

Emo Guy

I don’t mean to say that everyone who goes to the UP Fair are emos but their presence is definitely felt.

Jugs of Itchyworms

Of course, the bands will always be present during UP Fairs. Here’s Jugs Jugueta from Itchyworms and below is Kelvin Yu, bassist of Itchyworms.

Kelvin Yu of Itchyworms

Giniling Festival

Giniling Festival has always been the UP crowd’s favorite. They’re songs are very witty and very catchy. I love these guys!

Romeo Lee

Romeo Lee performed with Marcus Adoro’s band, Markus Highway. UP Fair is not complete without Romeo’s presence! They performed “Wild Thing”.

Marcus Adoro


One of Sonic Boom’s bands, Bloodshedd made the hardcore rockers slam dance through the night.


Aia and Tim of Imago
Aia de Leon, Tim Cacho and Zach Lucero of Imago

Ebe Dancel of Sugarfree

Ebe Dancel of Sugarfree

The main acts that I was waiting for at that night was the performance of Sugarfree and Silent Sanctuary together with the Manila Symphony Orchestra. As usual, the performances were breath-taking.

Sarkie of Silent Sanctuary

Sarkie Sarangay of Silent Sanctuary

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