Silent Sanctuary’s Album Launch: Mistaken for Granted

Silent Sanctuary launched their second studio album entitled “Mistaken for Granted” last March 30 at Cubao X. It took them two years to have a follow up on their fiirst studio album which was “Fucshiang Pag-ibig”. Just a bit of a trivia, they had an independent release way back with a different vocalist so technically, they have 3 albums. I was just wondering why the host kept on saying that it’s the second album when it’s really the third. It somewhat neglects the history of the band which was important because that was when the band started. Probably it’s better to say “it’s the band’s second studio album” which I deem more appropriate.

Anyway, there were a lot of bands who performed before them such as Kinosis, Soapdish, Concrete Sam, South Superhighway, Mayonnaise and Cambio. Most of them are actually close friends of the band and also part of the Universal family. The last act was of course Silent Sanctuary and performed tracks from their newest album. You may view the videos that I took from some of the bands who performed:

South Superhighway

Cambio “You Wear Me Out” (Ebe wasn’t around)

A Short Album Review of “Mistaken for Granted

The album has 14 tracks including 3 fillers (meaning, instrumentals). So the songs which has lyrics are 11. Of course, it never fails to amaze me the uniqueness of this band because they combined the usual popular music instruments (guitar, drums, bass guitar) with known classical instruments such as the cello and violin. Watching them perform live is really exciting believe me.

I think that one song that would be comparable to the LSS (last song syndrome) I feel whenever I hear “Ikaw Lamang” would be “Pauwi Na Ako” (but I still like “Ikaw Lamang” 😉 . Of course the melodramatic feel is still there, actually it has become the trademark of the band. “Hiling”, “Hinga ng Malalim”, “The Saddest v.2”, “Dekada 90” and “Papatunayan” exemplify the melodramatic feel of the album. On the other hand, the carrier single which is “Hay Naku” is a heavy and fast song which talks about the The song “Sa Buhay Na Ito”  reminds me of Apo Hiking Society’s “Magkayakap sa Dilim”. The final song in the album, which is “Dekada 90” is reminscing the past; on how it felt good to live in the 90’s then. (they really had to mention Ely Buendia on the lyrics 😉 ). Well, my generation (ahem 25-30 years of age) can definitely relate to this.

The album is already available at major record stores nationwide at Php 280 and released through Universal Records.

Silent Sanctuary “Hay Naku”

Silent Sanctuary are:

Sarkie Sarangay – guitars, vocals
Anjo Inacay – cello
Chino David – violin
Jason Rondero – bass
Allen Calixto – Drums

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