Silly Pop Gothic Tunes Courtesy of Tanya Markova

Tanya Markova’s album is my current LSS (last song syndrome) for the past few days. I’ve been hearing their song “Picture Picture” in NU 107 for the past weeks and just recently got a hold of their entire album. My friends hate me for singing the “Picture Picture” over and over again. Haha, sorry friends, but I can’t really get it out of my head!

Their album contains 16 tracks but some of them are short fillers. When I first played the album, I can’t help but laugh because of the funny mismatched lyrics and situations combined with girly-man voices, melodious tunes and pop goth. It’s like hearing Ang Bandang Shirley (without a real female vocalist like Selena), slightly tamed Parokya ni Edgar in the Khangkungkernitz era, pop attitude of the Eraserheads in the Ultraelectromagneticpop era, Dodong Cruz and Queen in one. Interesting huh? They definitely reminded me of the Pinoy 90’s rock era. Their band formed in 2004 and when I learned about this, where the f*ck was I and didn’t discover this way, way back? I guess I was in Pinoy Rock hiatus then.

Tanya Markova’s music is not your mainstream kind of pop. Their lyrics don’t talk about the common themes in pop songs such as love and other sugar coated themes. That’s why I called them pop goth, if there is such a genre. Behind the cute melodies and girly man voices are songs about Alma Concepcion’s old manananggal flick, emo culture and a student ala exorcist a.k.a Linda Blair. Very witty and creative indeed. I give this band two thumbs up in incorporating gothic associations with popular culture. I haven’t seen them perform live yet but I am hoping to see them soon in their bar gigs.

They are composed of 8 people in the band and they preferred to have aliases instead of revealing their real names. They are Norma Love, Iwa Motors, Mowmow, Heart Abunda, Sugar K., Skrovak Iskopanjo, Rufa Mae Milby, Jennylyn Sucaldito and Rez Curtis. Tanya Markova was previously independent but now they have already signed with MCA Universal.

Here are the must-hear songs in the album:

1) M.I.M (Manananggal in Maynila) (by Karryle Karel and Iwa Motors)

This is the second track in the album but is the first full length song. This will make you feel eerie because of the Adams Family like synthesizers all throughout the song. My favorite lines are in the bridge:

Alma Concepcion
slow motion
pahid lotion
na may potion
Alma Concepcion
with emotion

Obviously, they are pertaining to a manananggal here and I just loved the mixture of words here!

2) Disney (Harmony: Iwa Motors, Sugar K., Rez Curtis; Libretto: Iwa Motors, Sugar K., Norma Love, Mowmow, Iskrobak Iskopanjo, Biboy)

Here’s a mellow song about dreaming to go to Disneyland. It made me thought of Parokya ni Edgar’s chill out song “Tayo ng Mag-Beach”.

Gusto kong mag-punta sa Disney
Magwi-wish ako kay Genie
Para maka-jam si mickey
sa Disney…Disney…Disney…Disney

3) Picture Picture (by Karel, Iwa, Heart)

This is the single that is being played in airwaves and the melody won’t come out of my head (and probably yours too!). It’s a semi-love song of a photographer (I assume!). Here’s the entire lyrics:

Picture Picture
Picture picture oh (2x)
Picture picture oooo…

Nang gabing masilayan ka
Dala dala ko pa ang aking lumang kamera

Kampus gig noon at nag-aya ang tropa
Maraming bebot ang nagsasayaw nang biglang mapansin kita
What a beautiful face..
At kinunan kita
What a beautifil face..
Angat ka sa iba
Picture Picture (12x)

I saw her face… mukha syang taga outer space….

Si mang roger ako’y kinalabit ang sabi’y…
Halika na balot muna bago ka mag-konica
Na seramika gawa sa pabrika
Lagot ka na ang kamera may mahika
Ano ang lohika kung bat nahilo ka…
Mekaniko si moniko ng makina ni monica
What a beautiful face..
Bigla kang nawala
What a beautiful face..
Ako’y natulala

Meron shang look alike na
Meron shang look alike na
Meron shang look alike na
Mekaniko si moniko ng makina ni monica
What a beautiful face..
O nasaan ka na?
What a beautiful face..
hinahanap hanap ka…

4) Linda Blair (by Karryle Karel and Iwa Motors)

The high pitched back up vocals of “Tang Ina” is a must hear in this song. Haha.

Teacher, teacher ako si Linda Blair
and the ghosts are everyehere
I can feel it in the air
Teacher, teacher
I’m just trying to be fair
huwag ka nang mag-worry
huwag ka nang mag-worry

*lyrics were copied from

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