SM Sky Garden

SM North Edsa, the second largest mall in the whole world, has innovated itself by creating the Sky Garden which will become one of the major attractions of this mall. The SM Sky Garden is the elevated and exterior walkway that connects the 3 separate buildings of SM North Edsa namely Annex, The Block and the main mall. Strolling in the mall wouldn’t be the same because of the green surroundings in this walkway. This will also become the nature barrier between you and the busy streets of EDSA. Bloggers were able to experience walking around it last May 23rd before it will be formally opened to the public on May 29th.

giant waterfall

The Sky Garden is 400 meters long and if you will be looking from the outside, you will notice that it is shaped like a floating green ribbon. It has 55 species of plants, grass and trees which can be appreciated by mall goers as they walk by. Also, there is a giant waterfall which can be immediately noticed when you are in EDSA or at the MRT. There is a small hill where you can have a very good view of the fascade of the mall and EDSA as well.

view from the small hill

Mall goers can enjoy their stay with Sky Garden’s different attractions. There will be restaurants and coffee shops around to keep you fed and nourished while enjoying the green scenery . Some of the restaurants that will open are La Mesa Grill, Marina, Persia Grill, Padi’s Point, Ineng’s BBQ, Pixie’s Sinugba and Gerry’s Grill. Specialty dessert and coffee shops such as Starbucks, Cello’s Donuts and Dips, Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee, Coffee Experience will be opened as well to cater to the sweet tooth and caffeine cravings of mall goers. Some restaurants such as Starbucks and Persia Grill will be ‘floating’ (as seen in the photo below).

on the right side will be Starbucks and on the upper left side will be Persia Grill

Aside from nourishing the gastronomic cravings of customers, you can also enjoy watching special shows at the SM Sky Dome. It can accomodate 1000 people in the audience area and it has a movable stage that can accomodate different types of events in fact, I was able to watch the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 at the Sky Dome on the evening that I was there.

There are also modern sculptures displayed where people can take pictures of it. I prefer to see them in the evening because you can see the vibrant colors more than during daytime. Here’s one sculpture that I was able to take a photo of:

With regard to accessibility, the SM Sky Garden is connected with 2 bridgeways: one is in EDSA and the other is in Mindanao Avenue. In the future, the SM Sky Garden will be connected to the combined LRT 1, MRT 1 and MRT 7 Grand Terminal. SM North EDSA will have its own MRT station (probably in the SM Annex area) in the future to make it more accessible for customers.

The best of it all is that it has free Wi-Fi access everywhere. You can check your email, chat or blog while you are at the SM Sky Garden as well as when you are inside Annex, The Block and the main mall. How cool is that?

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