Sonic Boom’s Christmas Party at Club Dredd Eastwood

Sonic Boom celebrated their 3rd Christmas Party at Club Dredd Eastwood last night. I was with Karla, Lili and Ronald and it wasn’t really planned at all to go to Eastwood. We thought that Urbandub’s gig was in Saguijo. Oh well, it was just misinformation 🙂 . We weren’t able to catch the bands who performed early such as Hilera and Nyctinasty. The place was filled with people and Typecast was about to finish their set. Other bands who performed after Typecast were Faspitch, Kjwan and Urbandub.

(Jorel- left)

It’s sad to know that Jorel Corpus, Kjwan’s guitarist will be leaving the band. I am not sure if he will be studying overseas, according to Marc Abaya who announced it on the mic ( I really couldn’t hear it well due to the noise). Nevertheless, the band will still continue playing. In fact they will be releasing their album entitled “13 Seconds to Love” early next year 🙂 .The carrier single of the album “Lifeline” is already being played at NU 107.

Urbandub rocked the house down. They were really awesome. I believe they sang more than 5 songs, most of them were requested by the audience. They even played Wham’s “Last Christmas” which I thought to be just a joke at the beginning but they actually finished the whole song.

Here are some of the performances of Kjwan’s Lifeline, One Look and Urbandub’s First of Summer. Enjoy!

Kjwan performing of “Lifeline”

Kjwan performing “One Look”

Urbandub performing “First of Summer”

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