Stone Temple Pilots, You Were Awesome!!

Stone Temple Pilots in Manila-3

Scott Weiland on vocals

Stone Temple Pilots is one of my favorite bands during the 90’s and them coming here is really something I looked forward to. My partner bought us  Upper Box A tickets for my birthday (what a nice birthday gift, baby!). Our location wasn’t really bad at all. I was able to see a lot of people who are within my generation with less hipsters (Thank you!) . The attendance wasn’t so bad at all, there were more people at the Gen. Admission, Upper boxes and Patron. The VIP was almost filled up as well but I won’t count them in because most of the people there didn’t buy their tickets.

View from Upper Box A in Araneta Coliseum

2 days before the concert, Sino Sikat? was announced to front Stone Temple Pilots. It seems weird that they’re fronting (due to the difference in the genre of music) however they performed well as usual so it didn’t really matter. I think that they’re one of the front acts for international bands that weren’t booed.Good job Sino Sikat!

Stone Temple Pilots in Manila-2

Dean Deleo (lead guitars)

It’s almost 10:00 pm, Stone Temple Pilots entered the stage and everybody stood up. The band played “Crackerman” (from the “Core” album) and immediately set up the mood for the audience. Scott was singing with the chorus with a megaphone (“Roaming, roaming, roam… Get away Gotta Get Away”). They retained the heavy rocking mood by performing songs  –  “Wicked Garden”, “Vasoline” and “Heaven and Hot Rods”. I immediately melted away hearing “Vasoline” early, my favorite STP song.

Stone Temple Pilots in Manila-7

Scott with drummer Eric Kretz

The band also performed songs from their new album and good thing I familiarized myself with the songs from that album. Glad to hear “Hickory Dichotomy” and “Between the Lines” live.

Stone Temple Pilots in Manila-4

Robert Deleo (bass)

Scott Weiland was not very talkative in between songs but always said ‘thank you’ whenever there is an opportunity. A group for foreigners behind us were joking and said that he doesn’t even know what country he was in. He just said “Asia”. Haha. Anyway, that’s ok. The whole band performed very well, most especially Dean Deleo’s lead guitars (which I think were fantastic). How I wished I was infront of him, the lighting on his side of the stage really stood out.

Stone Temple Pilots in Manila-4

STP performed 17 songs including the encore songs. How I wish I can hear more songs such as “Sour Girl”, “Creep” , “Lady Picture Show”, “Pretty Penny” and “Art School Girl” but I guess this was all that they can do. Anyway, the whole concert itself was already enough for me to be happy. The set list was a balance between old and new stuff. The whole concert was a big sing along party and a reunion of the 90’s generation kids.

Here’s the set list:

  1. Crackerman
  2. Wicked Garden
  3. Vasoline
  4. Heaven and Hot Rods
  5. Between the Lines
  6. Hickory Dichotomy
  7. Still Remains
  8. Big Empty
  9. Dancing Days – (Led Zeppelin cover)
  10. Silvergun Superman
  11. Plush
  12. Interstate Love Song
  13. Huckleberry Crumble
  14. Down
  15. Sex Type Thing
  16. Encore: Dead & Bloated and Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart

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