Sugar Hiccup Reunion 2015 – The Original Line Up’s Back!

Sugar Hiccup Reunion 2015-19

When I learned that the original Sugar Hiccup line up will reunite, I said to myself that I HAVE TO WITNESS THIS! I reserved a table in 12 Monkeys but lost it because we were late. It’s ok, I can stand in one corner. For as long as I have an open spot to shoot. I’ve never taken a photo of Sugar Hiccup. I mean, I was in 6th grade (1996) when I saw them live at the 1896 Ang Pagsilang Concert in Folk Arts Theater. I didn’t have a camera then so it’s all part of my good ol’ memories.

Sugar Hiccup Reunion 2015-4

Sugar Hiccup Reunion 2015-8

Imago and Moonstar 88 were the first performers to hype the crowd. To be honest, it’s my first time to see Imago post-Aia. This night was all about female fronted bands. Girl power! 🙂 

Sugar Hiccup Reunion 2015-21

I was quite nervous before going there because I wasn’t able to listen to any Sugar Hiccup song so I am not sure if I still know their songs. When the band started playing, I was humming and singing to some of their songs. Yes, I still know them! It’s just a hassle that I can’t play their cassette tapes anymore. My Womb CD was lost! Too bad they don’t have Spotify. Anyway, I was glad to hear some of my favorite songs such as “Womb”, “Hush”, “Us”, “Moden De”, “Bells and my Shadow”, “Why Sigh”, “Mikaela” and many others. Hearing Melody’s heavenly voice once again was comforting. I wish I can watch them some more. For kids who don’t know Sugar Hiccup, you have to listen to their catalogue and not just “5 Years”. They’re beyond that song. Unfortunately, you can’t buy their albums anymore but be resourceful. The internet has full of resources. 🙂

To the old fans like us, it was truly a magical evening. The awesome sounds in 12 Monkeys made it more memorable. I mean, I wouldn’t want to hear them with crappy sound system, right?

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