Sugar Hiccup is Back!

Sugar Hiccup 6

Jeanette Reyes – Jorge of Sugar Hiccup

I’ve been a fan of the band Sugar Hiccup since I first heard their first album, Oracle. It was released in 1995 and was still in grade school then. This was one of the few tapes that I bought by saving money from my daily allowance. I was totally mesmerized by the uniqueness of this band. With Melody Del Mundo’s voice, dreamy and minimalist lyrics, I was blown by the this band. I’ve only seen them perform live once, it was during the 1896 Ang Pagsilang Concert at the Folk Arts Theater circa 1996.

sugar hiccup oracle

If you were already aware of the music scene in the 90’s, you’ll definitely know Sugar Hiccup’s single “5 Years”. It was after their second album, “Womb”, where vocalist Melody Del Mundo decided to leave the band and migrate to the US. Since then, I’ve not heard anything about Sugar Hiccup anymore. I did some research and found out that she has a new band called Stella’s Notch based in L.A. Heard some songs and they were awesome too. Anyway, going back to Sugar Hiccup, they found another vocalist, Bea Alcala which didn’t last that long too. Pollack, guitarist and one of the founding members of the band, left the band too. Moving forward to 2010, the current roster of Sugar Hiccup are Jeanette Reyna-Jorge (vocals and electric violin), Bone Pagligaran (guitarist), Russel Dacasin (bassist and the only remaining founding member of Sugar Hiccup) and Jamee Orcino (drums).

Sugar Hiccup 2

And now, Sugar Hiccup is back and is doing album tour bar gigs. They will be releasing their 4th album entitled “After 5 years” which I think will be out in August. I got the chance to see one of their bar tour gigs in Obsidian last April 30th. I bet that you will ask how does their new vocalist, Jeanette compare to the original vocalist, well I’d like to say that they are both great singers and have their individual styles. Jeanette is a soprano so she can reach the high notes in old Sugar Hiccup songs. Hearing the new line up live is a different kind of sugar high. I remember being totally mesmerized and transcended into a different dimension while I was seeing them perform live. Even though they already have changed vocalists through the years, they still give their audience that mystic and eclectic feeling. Enough with “I like the original vocalist” or “I prefer the old Sugar Hiccup” nostalgic statements because it’s not healthy. Sugar Hiccup “5 Years”

Freefish at Obsidian


Aside from seeing Sugar Hiccup live, I also saw other bands perform such as Freefish, Mobster Manila and Shelterr. Freefish is a fun band, because of Kish (vocalist) and they also have witty songs. You can view their performance here, sorry the video is not very clear.

Mobster Manila at Obsidian 2

Mobster Manila

Mobster Manila, on the other hand, is a punk-ska band. Another interesting band to watch.

Shelterr in Obsidian 2


Then there’s Shelterr, a heavy sounding band. Kudos to the vocalist, I can really feel his passion while singing. 🙂 Anyway, going back to Sugar Hiccup, for more inquiries, you may visit their website at and their Facebook page.  Again, congratulations guys and I can’t wait to hear your new album! 🙂

Sugar Hiccup with me, Karla and some of the Obsidian team!

Sugar Hiccup with me, Karla and some of the Obsidian Team! (photo from Obsidian)

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