Summer Siren Festival 2014


My summer officially started in the Summer Siren Festival. We stayed 3 days and 2 nights in Crystal Beach, San Narciso, Zambales – a place known for surfing. I don’t really know how to surf but I enjoyed taking photos of those doing it :).

Our journey started on April 4th – call time of Travel Factor is 3:00 am. I haven’t really slept since I woke up on Thursday, April 3rd at 7:00 am. We arrived Crystal Beach at around 9:00 am. The food concessionaires, booze and party was supposed to start at 10:00 am according to the primer that Travel Factor emailed but we arrived there they were still setting up. The package we bought does not entitle us to stay at Crystal Beach but instead in a nearby resort.  It was scorching hot while we wait for our check in time (2 pm). People were really too tired to be in the party mood because of the very early call time. The moment we arrived in our room, slept until 5 pm. Just in time for dinner and the concert.


Kim Marvilla

I am not really a fan of DJs and my reason to go there was just to shoot the bands. The only DJ I watched perform was Kim Marvilla I was familiar with her tunes (MGMT, Foster the People, Black Kids, etc)  and also, I knew her do be a former NU 107 Jock.

The Main Stage was very interesting. It’s big and the lights and sounds were superb. We’re no VIPs so we stayed at the barricade separating the VIPs and the non-VIPs. I brought my Canon EOS M for the shoot together with my Canon 18 – 55 mm Kit Lens and the Canon 22 mm Pancake Lens. It’s actually my first time to use my EOS M for concert shooting so I was test driving its performance.

Paul "Poldo" Cañada of Franco

Paul “Poldo” Cañada of Franco

First night of the concert featured bands mostly from Terno Records – Up Dharma Down,Yolanda Moon, Pulso, Sky Marines, Maude. Only non-Terno band was Franco.The whole time people were just sitting on the sand then when it was Franco’s turn to play, everybody stood up. I liked Franco’s set although I wanted to hear them play “Castaway” (which they didn’t play).



I personally liked the second night. I was mesmerised with Brisom’s performance. Hearing them for the first time was really fun. I think that they’re the first band to perform Sweet Disposition almost like Temper Trap.


Camille Besinga of Techyromantics

Taken By Cars didn’t have complete members – only Isa and Derek were there. Camille of Techyromantics took over the vocals.


Dondi Virrey of Techyromantics

Camyl had to sing more than hour – continuos set from Taken by Cars. It’s always been fun to see them play.


Diego Mapa of Pedicab

My favorite set was Pedicab’s and I was dancing and singing all throughout their set. Raymund Marasigan wasn’t there because of the Eheads gig in London. They played a lot of songs from their first album – most of my favorites such as “Bleached Streaks”, “Dito Tayo Sa Dilim” and many more.

Overall, the concert was ok. I wish there could have been more heavier sounding rock bands. It’s tamed but I think it would be more fun to have more rocking sound 🙂 Glad to have met a new friend (ex-roomie) during the festival. Although there were unfortunate circumstances with our new found friend, overall it was ok.

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