Sugar Hiccup Reunion 2015 – The Original Line Up’s Back!

Sugar Hiccup Reunion 2015-19

When I learned that the original Sugar Hiccup line up will reunite, I said to myself that I HAVE TO WITNESS THIS! I reserved a table in 12 Monkeys but lost it because we were late. It’s ok, I can stand in one corner. For as long as I have an open spot to shoot. I’ve never taken a photo of Sugar Hiccup. I mean, I was in 6th grade (1996) when I saw them live at the 1896 Ang Pagsilang Concert in Folk Arts Theater. I didn’t have a camera then so it’s all part of my good ol’ memories. Continue reading “Sugar Hiccup Reunion 2015 – The Original Line Up’s Back!”

Bloggers Oktoberfest in Taste Asia

( some of the bloggers with me: Melo, Fritz and Karla. Photo courtesy of Nina)

We don’t only blog, we also parteeehh!! Thanks to the organizers of this event we were able to have our own beer drinking party. The food was great, music courtesy of Moonstar 88 and of course the free beer was great. I was able to drink the Oktoberfest Limited Edition Beer last Friday night, I already miss it. There were beer drinking games ( of course this is San Miguel hehe) and of course prizes that were given away. I was lucky to have won a Creative Mp3 player. I’ve never been really lucky with raffles.

Thanks to Aileen Apolo for organizing this event. Sa susunod na parteehh ulit!!!

By the way, here’s a video of Moonstar 88 covering one Eraserheads classic, Sembreak. Enjoy!