Ely Buendia Sings His Greatest Hits at the Music Museum Concert Review

Ely Buendia - Music Museum 3

This is the second time that I watched Ely Buendia perform his greatest hits concert. First one was at the Hard Rock Cafe last Aug. 3rd. I didn’t blog about it but photos were uploaded in Flickr. Anyway, We decided to watch this again, expecting to see something new compared to other one.

I’m an Ely Buendia fan, isn’t it obvious? But I believe that the Music Museum gig didn’t turn out what I expected. I personally preferred the Hard Rock gig, I guess because it was the first and the crowd was really game. The intensity was higher in Hard Rock. For first timers who haven’t seen any Ely’s greatest hits concert, would really like the Music Museum gig. Continue reading “Ely Buendia Sings His Greatest Hits at the Music Museum Concert Review”

Wolfgang Tales: Wolfgang and Razorback Live at the Music Museum

(official concert poster designed by Wolfgang’s vocalist, Basti Artadi)

Wolfgang is seriously back in the music scene especially now that they have a major concert with their real life friends in the rock scene, Razorback. The show will be entitled “Wolfgang Tales: Two Sides Live”. Both of the bands will be performing the sound that we’re familiar with however they will also be having an acoustic set.

So be prepared to rock your worlds as the gods of Philippine Heavy Metal will be in one stage again. Again, here are the official details of the concert:

What: Wolfgang Tales: Two Sides Live
When: March 19, 2009

Time: 9:00 PM
Where: Music Museum in Greenhills, San Juan
How to get the tickets: TBA (will update you soon but start saving up for this one! 😉 )

Sugarfree Live! now available

This is great news for Sugarfree fans out there. This is a 2 disc album the first cd contains 19 tracks featuring the Sugarfree major concert together with The Manila Symphony Orchestra last Sept 29, 2007 at the Music Museum. For those fans who weren’t able to catch that concert ( like me, boohoo) you will have the opportunity to listen to it. Also, it contains a limited edition “Pugad Dencio” cd ( offer good while supplies last). For those who do not know, Sugarfree is now the endorser of Dencio’s as what you can observe on all of the Dencio’s restaurants they have their posters there ( together with the Pugad Baboy characters 🙂 ) You can check Dencio’s website here.