Rock Ed’s “One for the Roadie” Event

Road managers a.k.a ‘roadies’ play a very important role for the bands. They are the ones who make sure that everything is ok before the band goes onstage. They help the band bring their equipments, make sure that their guitars are in tune, the amplifiers’ volume are just right, the band have their beer or water near them etc. I remembered Lourd de Veyra of Radioactive Sago Project said “Hindi kusang lilipad ang gitara kay Rico Blanco pagkatapos niyang kantahin ang linyang Liwanag… (from the song Liwanag sa Dilim)  at hindi rin lulutang ang gitara kapag hinahagis ang gitara sa ere” – (it’s already paraphrased but it’s something like that 😉 ). It’s funny but it’s true. The roadies make sure that these rockstars can show off their rockstar stunts to the audience.

Too bad that most of the roadies don’t have health benefits that would at least protect them from the expensive hospital bills in case something happens to them. This is the reason why Rock Ed organized this kind of event to raise funds for them to have health cards. The event was held at Mag:Net High Street last May 9th. Different bands participated in this event to give health cards to their respective roadies. I also helped in going around with a donation box to add money to the health fund. Continue reading “Rock Ed’s “One for the Roadie” Event”

Peryodiko’s Self-Titled Album Out Now

pery´odiko (pangngalan or noun) – A Filipino term for newspaper, journal or periodical.

But for this article, I will be talking about a new Pinoy band called Peryodiko. The band is composed of Vin Dancel (lead vocals, guitars), Simon Tan  (bass, vocals), Kakoy Legaspi (lead guitar, vocals) and Abe Billano (drums, vocals). These guys are already superstars in their own way. Just to give you a background on each member: Vin Dancel was the lead vocalist of the now defunct Twisted Halo, brother of Ebe Dancel (of Sugarfree) and husband of Kris Gorra-Dancel (of Cambio, Fatal Posporos and Duster); Kakoy Legaspi used to play the lead guitars for Barbie’s Cradle and Rivermaya and I believe currently plays for a band called Salindiwa; Simon Tan is a great bass player associated with bands such as Lampano Alley, Johnny Allegre, Wdouji, UP Jazz Ensemble and many others; lastly, Abe Billano used to play drums for Dong Abay and Twisted Halo. Wow, that’s what I call a superstar line up.

Continue reading “Peryodiko’s Self-Titled Album Out Now”

Rock Bosch: Benefit Gigs for Anabel Rosch

Anabel Bosch, photo taken by Rain Contreras

One of the independent music industry’s rock goddesses suffered anneurysm last January 1, 2009 as she was watching television with her daughter and complaint about a terrible headache. For those of you who may not be familiar with her, she sings with bands such as Tropical Depression, Electrikoolaid and Analog. When the news broke out that she was rushed to the hospital, her friends from the music industry made the effort of organizing benefit gigs for her and the very first leg of the benefit gig was held at Big Sky Mind in Quezon City. Rocked had the first benefit gig and the bands who performed were The Dawn, Chilitees, Cambio, Peryodiko and many more. Yours truly was there to support the cause. We came there early so we got the chance to sit on the couch :). Any form of donation was made possible, they even auctioned toys, basketball cards, lap dances, etc.

Here is the list of the upcoming Rock Bosch gigs for this month. If you can attend all of them the better! As we all know hospital and medicine expenses are really expensive and you can help by just watching the gigs listed below. I believe that there are still additional gigs and events for Anabel but these are the confirmed ones: Continue reading “Rock Bosch: Benefit Gigs for Anabel Rosch”