Another 90’s Nostalgia: Teeth Reunion (2014)

Teeth Reunion at Venice Piazza - 5

Reunion concerts of 90’s bands are becoming common these days. We, as 90’s kids back then, are happy to see things that remind us of our childhood (or adolescence). During the Moonpools and Caterpillars concert at Amber Lounge, Pinoytuner announced that Teeth will be having their reunion concert. I was so excited that I even saw Glenn Jacinto during the Summer Siren Festival with the Pedicab guys (not performing) so I was already looking forward to it. I anticipated the moment when they announced the finalized dates then suddenly it was a work night and in Ortigas. Oh yeah, I missed the moment of finally seeing them for the first time. Tried to avoid my social media network the night and day after the concert so I wouldn’t feel so bad of missing Teeth’s reunion concert.

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NU 107 Rock Awards 2010 – The Aftermath

Franco at the NU Rock Awards 2010 - 5Franco

This is it. The last NU Rock Awards happened last October 29, 2010 at the NBC Tent, Taguig. NU preferred to give away tickets by invitation only and the event became a private affair with no jumping Orcs , just like how the NU Rock Awards started back in 1994. I’m no VIP however I was able to score tickets courtesy of my colleague, Pax (you’re the best!) on the day of the Rock Awards itself. I wasn’t prepared to go but who could not resist those tickets??!!! Two of my motivations to go to the Rock Awards this year: 1) because this will be the last and I wanna be there and 2) I want to see my band photos on the AVPs for some categories (particularly Urbandub). This is the first time that my photos will be used in a big event like this 🙂 Continue reading “NU 107 Rock Awards 2010 – The Aftermath”