Puma Archive Uncovered Manila Gig

Isn’t it cool seeing and hearing your favorite bands perform cover songs every once in a while? Puma paved way for some of our local bands to let Pupil, Imago, Up Dharma Down, Drip, Taken by Cars, Camerawalls and Sleepwalk Circus show their own renditions of classic pop and rock songs. I got the chance to be invited to the Puma Archive Uncovered Manila gig last September 18 (I know it’s a month late, I’m a full time worker ok? 🙂 ).

If you’re going to ask me, my favorite cover song would be “Ready to Go” by Taken By Cars which was originally sung by Republica.  I believe that the song really suits them because Sarah’s energy matches the fast beats of the song. Plus, I got the chance to see the their new bassist/singer Isa Garcia perform for the first time!
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PUMA Archive Uncovered Manila

Archive Uncovered

Several bands will be uncovering differnt rock archives on September 18 (Friday, 9 pm)  at the Mag:Net High Street. The line up is really cool. Bands that will be performing are Pupil, Imago, Up Dharma Down, Drip, Taken by Cars, Camerawalls and Sleepwalk Circus. Hear them perform their own versions of songs from the past. See you all there!

Event brought to you by Puma.

Pupil Chosen to be the Opening Act for Nine Inch Nails Concert in Manila

(from Splintr.com)

Nine Inch Nails will be performing here in Manila on August 5, 2009 at the Araneta Coliseum. The organizer, Splintr.com, announced that Pupil will be the local opening act for the band. Pupil was personally chosen by Nine Inch Nails. Wow, isn’t this awesome? I hope that I can watch the gig (crossing fingers). 🙂 Continue reading “Pupil Chosen to be the Opening Act for Nine Inch Nails Concert in Manila”

Rock Ed’s “One for the Roadie” Event

Road managers a.k.a ‘roadies’ play a very important role for the bands. They are the ones who make sure that everything is ok before the band goes onstage. They help the band bring their equipments, make sure that their guitars are in tune, the amplifiers’ volume are just right, the band have their beer or water near them etc. I remembered Lourd de Veyra of Radioactive Sago Project said “Hindi kusang lilipad ang gitara kay Rico Blanco pagkatapos niyang kantahin ang linyang Liwanag… (from the song Liwanag sa Dilim)  at hindi rin lulutang ang gitara kapag hinahagis ang gitara sa ere” – (it’s already paraphrased but it’s something like that 😉 ). It’s funny but it’s true. The roadies make sure that these rockstars can show off their rockstar stunts to the audience.

Too bad that most of the roadies don’t have health benefits that would at least protect them from the expensive hospital bills in case something happens to them. This is the reason why Rock Ed organized this kind of event to raise funds for them to have health cards. The event was held at Mag:Net High Street last May 9th. Different bands participated in this event to give health cards to their respective roadies. I also helped in going around with a donation box to add money to the health fund. Continue reading “Rock Ed’s “One for the Roadie” Event”

Rock Bosch 2 at Saguijo Cafe: Pupil, Sandwich, Chillitees, Sugarfree, Itchyworms, Southsuperhighway, Top Junk and Join the Club

The second leg of the series of benefit gigs for Anabel Bosch happened last January 9 at Saguijo Cafe in Makati. The band line up was really good and because of that Saguijo was filled with people as early as 8 pm. Usually the place gets filled up around 11pm -12 midnight. And the funny thing was, the Eraserheads Mailing Listers (a.k.a Circus Mailing Listers) actually filled half of the place. Of course even though the band had already disbanded we would still support the individual member’s respective bands and at that night Sandwich (Raymund’s band) and Pupil ( Ely’s band) was there to perform. There aren’t any chairs left to sit so Karla and I decided to stand infront of the mic. (If you have been in Saguijo, you know what I’m talking about) Well, Saguijo is just a small place and there’s no stage so from where I am standing at that time, I was literally infront of the vocalist ( So for more picture opportunity for me! 😉 )

This was a Rock Ed gig but Gang Badoy wasn’t there yet so there were proxy hosts for her. They already have sponsors that night such as Slenda and Enduranz, so the hosts had some games and gift packs to give away. I actually won a Slenda DVD (it’s an advantage being right infront of the host haha). Well anyway, here is the order of the bands: South Superhighway, Sugarfree, Top Junk, Chillitees, Itchyworms, Pupil, Sandwich and Join the Club.

Elmer Ona of South Superhighway or SLEX 🙂

Sugarfree – Ebe Dancel (vocals), Jal Taguibao (guitars) and Kaka Quisumbing (drums)

South Superhighway is a band composed of members namely Elmer Ona on vocals/guitars, Ben Riego on guitars, Vhall Riddle on bass and Shinji Tanaka on drums. It’s my first time to see them perform. Their songs are feel good, not so heavy.  After SLEX, Sugarfree performed their old songs like Burnout, Kwarto, Prom etc. They also performed a new song entitled “Hay Buhay” from their newest album which will be released this year. It’s a positive song about life. Ebe even forgot the title when I asked him about it. hehe.  Have a sneak peek of it below 🙂 Continue reading “Rock Bosch 2 at Saguijo Cafe: Pupil, Sandwich, Chillitees, Sugarfree, Itchyworms, Southsuperhighway, Top Junk and Join the Club”

Ely Buendia Returns

Just last Saturday, October 24, Ely Buendia has returned to performing live again just like Superman. He performed live of course with his band, Pupil in Eat Bulaga. After performing “Disconnection Notice” with Pupil, he sang “Superproxy” with Francis M. It was also Francis M.’s first TV performance after recovering from his illness. Both of the OPM icons were very happy that they are back in the live scene again. They even hugged each other after doing “Superproxy”. Continue reading “Ely Buendia Returns”

Pupil’s “Disconnection Notice” Music Video

One of my favorite songs in Pupil’s Wildlife album, “Disconnection Notice” already has a music video. It was actually launched last night through YouTube.

It was awesome!

Ely Buendia couldn’t perform live yet, but it’s good to know that he’s doing well. I can’t wait to see him perform again.

Watch the video here and enjoy.