Wolfgang, Razorback and Tito Boys

Wolfgang 3

I’ve never watched a live gig at Tiendesitas before and they say that there’s a fun crowd there. Last Oct 16th, I accompanied Karla in Tiendesitas to cover a gig there. Didn’t actually know that it was their 7th year anniversary.

I only know Tiendesitas to be the one stop shop for pets, pet accessories and even supplies. They have a food court which converts to a giant “beer house” at night. A stage was set up there for the gig. There’s good lighting especially for those who shoot bands like us. There are some technical difficulties once in a while but all in all it was great. It was warm there though, imagine if it was summer. Continue reading “Wolfgang, Razorback and Tito Boys”

Great Musical Fusion at the Jack Daniel’s Global Music Tour

The Jack Daniel’s Global Music Tour happened last April 17, 2009. The highlight of the event was the awesome collaboration of Nyco Maca and Cynthia Alexander. By the way, they will be the Philippine representatives to the Jack Daniel’s Music Event to be held in Singapore on May 2009. The event was by invitation only (thanks to Chris Ramos for the tickets! 😉 ). There were some familiar faces in the crowd; fellow gig-goers in Saguijo and other joints for local bands.

I was there around 9 pm and of course it wouldn’t start at once since it’s too early so while waiting for the crowd to fill up, DJ Ralph Roy of Circa provided the house music for everyone to chill out. Moving on, the first band started to play and didn’t even mention their name during their set. The band’s name is Hiway 69 which played great music. It set the mood for the audience. I was just able to get to know their name at the middle of the show.  😉 . The hosts (Sib Lucero and a girl who I didn’t hear the name) of the show appeared after the first band. The girl host was onstage with topless men while Sib was on the side stage with the Hooter girls. I recognized one of the topless men with tie on the neck: he was one of the bouncers in the Eraserheads Reunion Concert last August 2008. Next band that performed was KO Jones which played classic rock.  Great set as well. Continue reading “Great Musical Fusion at the Jack Daniel’s Global Music Tour”

Witnessing Wolfgang and Razorback Two Sides Live!

Basti Artadi of Wolfgang - 1

Basti Artadi, one of the Pinoy rock gods

Last March 19th Wolfgang performed for their fans at the Music Museum once more. I’m so excited for this gig because I have never seen them perform live before. Thanks to Benj (Wolfgang’s number 1 fan boy 😉 )  for scoring us front row seats!

The gig started at exactly 9 pm, we’re already inside the Music Museum at around 8 pm. The stage was very simple, no flashy backdrops or video walls. It’s just like a simple bar gig. Razorback, Wolfgang’s co-repertoire in the music scene, performed first. I haven’t seen Kevin Roy for a long, long time. It just sucked when Kevin’s microphone (s) weren’t working and thus distracting the audience. Anyway, after 2 or 3 songs, the mics were ok so they still continued to rock. After a few songs (I think around 5 or more), there was a 2 minute intermission then Wolfgang entered the stage. Continue reading “Witnessing Wolfgang and Razorback Two Sides Live!”

Wolfgang Tales: Wolfgang and Razorback Live at the Music Museum

(official concert poster designed by Wolfgang’s vocalist, Basti Artadi)

Wolfgang is seriously back in the music scene especially now that they have a major concert with their real life friends in the rock scene, Razorback. The show will be entitled “Wolfgang Tales: Two Sides Live”. Both of the bands will be performing the sound that we’re familiar with however they will also be having an acoustic set.

So be prepared to rock your worlds as the gods of Philippine Heavy Metal will be in one stage again. Again, here are the official details of the concert:

What: Wolfgang Tales: Two Sides Live
When: March 19, 2009

Time: 9:00 PM
Where: Music Museum in Greenhills, San Juan
How to get the tickets: TBA (will update you soon but start saving up for this one! 😉 )