Red Horse Muziklaban: 10 Years of Rakrakan

During this age of bands it’s always important to hear fresh new talents to at least be updated in the music scene. Red Horse supports fresh new bands through Red Horse Muziklaban. It’s actually on its 10th year and they are still rocking fresh new talents. Some of the bands that we know today were winners of Muziklaban before such as Mayonnaise, Hard Boiled Eggz, Gayuma ( last year’s winner) and many more.

The semi-final legs are already going on so if you still want to catch the rest of the legs, here is the schedule below. The most interesting part will be the Final Round wherein an international rock band who has become one of the “institutions of rock” during 90’s will be performing. Should I say the name of the band? Hmm, I’ll give you a clue, it was mentioned in the monologue of Marcus Adoro in the album Circus entitled “Punk Zappa” and it’s composed of these letters: S**pultura. Haha. If you are a 90’s headbanger, you would definitely know that 😉 Continue reading “Red Horse Muziklaban: 10 Years of Rakrakan”