Rock Bosch 2 at Saguijo Cafe: Pupil, Sandwich, Chillitees, Sugarfree, Itchyworms, Southsuperhighway, Top Junk and Join the Club

The second leg of the series of benefit gigs for Anabel Bosch happened last January 9 at Saguijo Cafe in Makati. The band line up was really good and because of that Saguijo was filled with people as early as 8 pm. Usually the place gets filled up around 11pm -12 midnight. And the funny thing was, the Eraserheads Mailing Listers (a.k.a Circus Mailing Listers) actually filled half of the place. Of course even though the band had already disbanded we would still support the individual member’s respective bands and at that night Sandwich (Raymund’s band) and Pupil ( Ely’s band) was there to perform. There aren’t any chairs left to sit so Karla and I decided to stand infront of the mic. (If you have been in Saguijo, you know what I’m talking about) Well, Saguijo is just a small place and there’s no stage so from where I am standing at that time, I was literally infront of the vocalist ( So for more picture opportunity for me! 😉 )

This was a Rock Ed gig but Gang Badoy wasn’t there yet so there were proxy hosts for her. They already have sponsors that night such as Slenda and Enduranz, so the hosts had some games and gift packs to give away. I actually won a Slenda DVD (it’s an advantage being right infront of the host haha). Well anyway, here is the order of the bands: South Superhighway, Sugarfree, Top Junk, Chillitees, Itchyworms, Pupil, Sandwich and Join the Club.

Elmer Ona of South Superhighway or SLEX 🙂

Sugarfree – Ebe Dancel (vocals), Jal Taguibao (guitars) and Kaka Quisumbing (drums)

South Superhighway is a band composed of members namely Elmer Ona on vocals/guitars, Ben Riego on guitars, Vhall Riddle on bass and Shinji Tanaka on drums. It’s my first time to see them perform. Their songs are feel good, not so heavy.  After SLEX, Sugarfree performed their old songs like Burnout, Kwarto, Prom etc. They also performed a new song entitled “Hay Buhay” from their newest album which will be released this year. It’s a positive song about life. Ebe even forgot the title when I asked him about it. hehe.  Have a sneak peek of it below 🙂 Continue reading “Rock Bosch 2 at Saguijo Cafe: Pupil, Sandwich, Chillitees, Sugarfree, Itchyworms, Southsuperhighway, Top Junk and Join the Club”

The Dorques Album Launch at Saguijo Cafe

The Dorques‘ album was just launched last week, November 14 at Saguijo Cafe in Makati City. Aside from them being the main act, there are other bands who performed such as Twin Lobster, The Camerawalls and Poubelle International. I was able to participate in a song performed by Poubelle International. I became a fruitshaker for a night ( mine’s an apple) and also “person number 4 😉 “. Listen to this indie bank, their songs are really great. 2 of them are Swedish and 1 of them is Australian. They just came from Hong Kong and stayed 2 days here in Manila. Watch the video below to see me shake ( actually, my arm fats were shaking lolz ). Continue reading “The Dorques Album Launch at Saguijo Cafe”

I’ll be a vampire again in a few days…

It’s my last day in the morning shift yesterday (June 27) and officially on July 1 at 1:00 am, I will be working in the night shift.

After my shift yesterday, I just did some errands for work ( which isn’t finished yet.. hay) ate Margherita pizza at Green Tomato in Philam Building. After the pizza, Karla and I hung out at Krispy Kreme Ayala and used their wifi for free. We were actually waiting for some of our friends then afterwards we went straight to the Coke Zero Bloggers’ Party at Taste Asia in SM Hypermart ( in SM Mall of Asia). For that party, we were now with John and Baby. Continue reading “I’ll be a vampire again in a few days…”