Miracles Can Happen in 3 Minutes

The host- Pam?

Oh yes, it can happen. Last week, Pantene shared the new 3-Minute Miracle Treatment with the bloggers. Taste Asia was transformed into this fabulous place. Never thought Taste Asia could be transformed like that 🙂 . There was a booth at the back wherein anyone can try this newest product of Pantene. The 3-Minute Miracle treatment can help repair damaged hair instantly without going to the salon and spending lots of money just to have hair treatments. All you have to do is do this once every week and this can be done in just 3 minutes. Visible changes can be seen probably in about 3 weeks. It’s now being sold in the market for only Php 299 ( 3 tubes).  I started trying one just yesterday and will be doing that every week 😉 Continue reading “Miracles Can Happen in 3 Minutes”

Bloggers Oktoberfest in Taste Asia

( some of the bloggers with me: Melo, Fritz and Karla. Photo courtesy of Nina)

We don’t only blog, we also parteeehh!! Thanks to the organizers of this event we were able to have our own beer drinking party. The food was great, music courtesy of Moonstar 88 and of course the free beer was great. I was able to drink the Oktoberfest Limited Edition Beer last Friday night, I already miss it. There were beer drinking games ( of course this is San Miguel hehe) and of course prizes that were given away. I was lucky to have won a Creative Mp3 player. I’ve never been really lucky with raffles.

Thanks to Aileen Apolo for organizing this event. Sa susunod na parteehh ulit!!!

By the way, here’s a video of Moonstar 88 covering one Eraserheads classic, Sembreak. Enjoy!

Buhay Coke Video Contest Winners Announced

Last August 8th the winners for the Buhay Coke Video Contest were announced at Taste Asia. Bloggers ( and friends of bloggers) were invited to witness this event. Of course there were free food and drinks there for everyone ( I’m glad that I still was able to catch the Brazo de Mercedes hehe 🙂 ). We enjoyed the party and the live singing of the stars in Komikero’s video entry of ” I’d Like to Teach The World To Sing”.

Hearing them sing live made me reminisce my 7th birthday in Mcdonald’s. It was the theme song in my 7th birthday video coverage. Haha.

By the way Congratulations to Azrael for winning the First Place 🙂 Here’s his video:

Here’s the 2nd place, Komikero’s entry:( this is really a laugh trip!)

Buhay Coke V-log Announcement of Winners Party

For those of you who weren’t able to attend the Buhay Coke Bloggers Party last time, you could still get the chance to experience it this time the winners for the video log will be announced. Here are the details:

What: Buhay Coke Vlog Contest Announcement of Winners Party
When: August 8, 2008, Friday, 6:00 p.m. onwards
Where: Taste Asia at the Mall of Asia
Wassup?: Announcement of winners and just simply to parteeh the Taste Asia way!

Register here if you will be rsvp-ing 🙂  ( in Aileen Apolo’s Blog)

Can’t wait to be there again and parteeeh! Even though I still have work at 1 am hehe.

Pond’s Taste of Beauty Bloggers Event

Karla, Baby and I attended the Taste of Beauty event of Pond’s, this is for their Age Miracle line. There were lots of bouquet of roses around and lots of pretty ladies around as well. I was concerned that I was underdressed 🙂 I wish I have worn a much better outfit. Well at least I wore make up to compensate that loss. Lolz. Anyway, there were lots of bloggers ( we actually got to meet Jane 🙂 ) there and lots of free food and drinks ( no beers for last night, only red and white wines). It was a Friday night and I have work at 1 am so I can’t really be drunk. I just drank a glass of red wine. Continue reading “Pond’s Taste of Beauty Bloggers Event”