The Dorques Album Launch at Saguijo Cafe

The Dorques‘ album was just launched last week, November 14 at Saguijo Cafe in Makati City. Aside from them being the main act, there are other bands who performed such as Twin Lobster, The Camerawalls and Poubelle International. I was able to participate in a song performed by Poubelle International. I became a fruitshaker for a night ( mine’s an apple) and also “person number 4 😉 “. Listen to this indie bank, their songs are really great. 2 of them are Swedish and 1 of them is Australian. They just came from Hong Kong and stayed 2 days here in Manila. Watch the video below to see me shake ( actually, my arm fats were shaking lolz ). Continue reading “The Dorques Album Launch at Saguijo Cafe”