Peryodiko’s Self-Titled Album Out Now

pery´odiko (pangngalan or noun) – A Filipino term for newspaper, journal or periodical.

But for this article, I will be talking about a new Pinoy band called Peryodiko. The band is composed of Vin Dancel (lead vocals, guitars), Simon Tan  (bass, vocals), Kakoy Legaspi (lead guitar, vocals) and Abe Billano (drums, vocals). These guys are already superstars in their own way. Just to give you a background on each member: Vin Dancel was the lead vocalist of the now defunct Twisted Halo, brother of Ebe Dancel (of Sugarfree) and husband of Kris Gorra-Dancel (of Cambio, Fatal Posporos and Duster); Kakoy Legaspi used to play the lead guitars for Barbie’s Cradle and Rivermaya and I believe currently plays for a band called Salindiwa; Simon Tan is a great bass player associated with bands such as Lampano Alley, Johnny Allegre, Wdouji, UP Jazz Ensemble and many others; lastly, Abe Billano used to play drums for Dong Abay and Twisted Halo. Wow, that’s what I call a superstar line up.

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