Terno Inferno (Saguijo)

Sleepyheads 1

The Sleepyheads

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched Terno bands perform so I decided to drop by at Saguijo last August 18th. Globe emailed me about this benefit gig for the flood victims. Motivating factors: I was free and Terno bands were there. šŸ™‚ Saguijo is always jam packed whenever it’s Terno Inferno night so thanks to Globe for reserving us a table where I could easily take photos.

I finally got to see The Sleepyheads perform live. They’re really great subjects for photos because Jayvee (the vocalist and drummer) moves a lot.

Not Another Boy Band

Not Another Boy Band

Another band which is interesting to cover is Not Another Boy Band. Aside from the witty lyrics, they also do some crazy antics onstage (especially Japo, the vocalist). šŸ™‚ I missed watching these guys.

As the hours go by, Saguijo became crowded with people. Nobody wanted to leave anymore to secure their own spots. I was having my musicalgasm (and I think everyone did) and the crowded Saguijo didn’t really matter.

Up Dharma Down 1

Up Dharma Down

After 5 hours, we were able to see the much anticipated Up Dharma Down. Although we were seated, ventilation in Saguijo couldn’t really keep up with the crowd so it felt like we’re in a sauna bath. The band played their hits such as “Oo”, “Tadhana” and many others. They also played a new song which will be on their 3rd album. Tentative release is on November 2012. So excited for that!

Other bands that performed were:

  • Sleepwalk Circus
  • Maude (formerly Orange Cartel)
  • Musical O
  • Hidden Nikki
  • Encounters of a Yeti
  • The Charmes