The Home of NU Rock No More?

(photo from NU 107 website)

Rumor has it that NU 107.5 will now be reformatting to become more appealing to the “masa” and bigger crowd. Will this be the start of its new tagline, “Home of Nu Pop”? Got this news from a Facebook note of a former NU 107 jock, Jaedee (which she also posted in her blog here). Hmm, was this the reason that Quark Henares was being reminiscent of previous NU Rock Awards in Facebook? It’s saddening to know that NU 107.5, the radio station I grew up with will be closing its doors now to playing purely rock tunes. This was one of the stations that gave way to local and independent rock talents. They were the ones who were shrugged by mainstream radio stations because they’re not “pogi” bands. It’s really sad to know that one by one, my adolescent favorites are beginning to disappear. This is the reason that I am sad, it’s because I am not getting any younger anymore.

I understand the struggles that NU 107 management is going through. I actually thought about the people who are currently working there. Change of management = Change of Staff. I know change is inevitable, and so I am accepting the fact that they’re reformatting. Now I’d have to find another radio station where I can be comfortable with, something to revive my adolescent past. Hay, sad.

Wish I can watch the upcoming Rock Awards, too sad that they’re not selling tickets and they’re just gonna raffle it off. Wow, the odds of me winning is so blurred and definitely me scoring tickets from someone there is way too impossible. If someone can score me two tickets I’d be more than grateful! 😉

So good luck to the NU 107, I’ll give your new format a try on 2011. Hope that the employees will be able to cope the loss of jobs. Haha, apologies, I’m being HR again.

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