The Mummy III: Tomb of the Dragon Empire

Karla and I watched this film a few days ago at the Gateway Mall and I could say that it was ok. I really couldn’t say that it’s really good and cannot even compare it to the other “The Mummy” flicks since I haven’t seen the last 2. It was average so to say.

We have already watched 2 Brendan Frasier flicks this past month the other was “The Journey to the Center of the Earth” and comparing the 2 Frasier flicks, I could judge that I like the “Journey” better than the “Mummy 3”. It was much funnier. The only scene that I actually laughed in “The Mummy 3” was when the dead skeletons were attaching each other’s body parts that fell while battling the terracotta warriors. I also enjoyed the fact that I am seeing Beijing, China one more time. It made me reminisce the time when I was at the Great Wall and seeing the actual terracotta warriors in Xian, China. 🙂

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