Up Dharma Down’s ‘Bipolar’ Album Launch

Up Dharma Down

Up Dharma Down is definitely going up the charts right now because they have already released their sophomore album, ‘Bipolar’ last October 24 at the Hexagon Lounge, RCBC Plaza. Many people attended the said event and there’s even still a line outside Hexagon Lounge which unfortunately couldn’t be accommodated by the venue anymore. Tickets were sold at Php 150 however people who will be availing the CD at the event will also get the limited edition DVD which actually cost Php 500 ( that’s inclusive of one free beer or iced tea). Limited editions ‘Bipolar’ shirts were also being sold courtesy of Team Manila at Php 550 each.

Ean of Up Dharma Down

Up Dharma Down

The venue was packed with lots of people so we really sneaked our way just to be at least infront of the stage. I was quite short so I just have to just listen to the music. Armi Millare looked different that night, all made up, with her hair cut short ( most likely a bob cut) and she was wearing a backless short black dress paired with black stockings. Also Armi was already talking to the audience. Well, having watched her numerous times during gigs, she’s not really much of a talker. It’s really the music that is being used to communicate to the audience.

I have already listened to the album, probably I’ll make a review in the next few days ( or weeks, hehe) 🙂

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