Urbandub Yehey! Chat Event

Yehey! organized a chat event for Urbandub fans last April 4 (Thursday) from 2:00-4:00 pm. Special thanks to Yehey! for inviting me to chat beside Urbandub! I was late but it was fine because I got to talk to one of my favorite bands. It’s really a yehey moment. Hehe.

The band was incomplete, it was only Gabby, Lalay and John there. Janjan (the drummer) wasn’t around. Urbandub fans got the chance to talk to their favorite band; Urbandub didn’t hesitate in answering the questions whether it’s serious or silly. Franco Reyes (one of the band’s good friends) was there also but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch him. Dang!

After chatting, we were able to talk to them offline. According to them they will be going back to Cebu to write songs for their new album which will be released under a new label which is MCA. Their contract with EMI was already done. They decided to stay in Cebu longer because they can’t really write songs here in Manila because of the busy schedule and of course, it’s more laid back in Cebu. Hopefully their new album will be released at the end of this year.

I asked them if they are planning for any collaborations with other bands, Gabby mentioned that if given a chance he would like to collaborate with artists such as Kadangyan, Noel Cabangon, chilitees, etc…

Urbandub merchandise will be available at the following music stores:  Music One Greenbelt, Music One Glorietta, Odyssey MegaMall, O Music & Video Rockwell, Odyssey Gateway Mall and Astroplus Podium Mall. They won’t be selling their shirts during their gigs anymore. So do buy them on the stores mentioned above.  

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete if I don’t have a photo op with them. Cool!! Awesome!

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