Virgin Moments

Being with someone new is always exciting. There are things that I always look forward to when I am with someone new.

In a span of more than a month of being with Karla, I was able to go to places I don’t usually go. I call it “virgin moments”. It’s nice to do something or be somewhere new and you’re with the one that you love. The experience attaches a more deeper meaning to it and it always enchants me when I reminisce about it. I’ve never really hung out around Makati before, especially Greenbelt area now I’m always there because that’s the nearest mall from both of our offices. That’s where we usually date. She also brought me to Conti’s in the Fort and hung out for awhile in Bonifacio High Street.

But, the best thing is when it’s both our virgin moment. Isn’t that nice? I really love it when that happens.

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