What Happened After The Eraserheads Reunion

I know it’s been weeks after the Eraserheads concert but I will want to do a wrap up. Until now I still have a hangover with these guys.

After the reunion concert, the Eheads Mailing list was flooded with tons of messages everyday. Actually until now, it still floods with messages. I would get 300+ unread messages everyday. Of course I wouldn’t read all of them, I try to cherry pick the topics that I want to read. So here are some of the cherry picked topics I will discuss here 🙂

So how is Ely Buendia doing?

Ely Buendia narrates to Manila Bulletin on what he felt while he was performing onstage:

“Towards the last song of the first set, I was already
feeling chest pains. Nung matapos, parang hindi na ako makahinga.
Kaya umupo ako. When we reached backstage, I was asking for oxygen
already kasi nahirapan na talaga ako huminga.”

He’s doing fine now. In fact he was already out of the Philippine Heart Center last Sept 5. His heart is 100% functioning now. He had just had his 3rd angioplasty. So all he has to do now is to rest for a few months just to be in shape. Ely’s manager, Day Cabuhat had photos of him while being released in the hospital.

( Ely with his nurses, he’s holding the Fruitcake book!)

( Ely with his doctors)

( Getting some last minute reminders)

How about the rest of the Ehead Members?

The rest of the Ehead members were interviewed about the incident of course and they really yearn to have another reunion concert since they were “bitin”. I believe Ely would feel the same too since they have prepared lots of surprises for the fans. You can check Karla Redor’s site on what should have happened in the concert. I just wonder if they will be doing a reunion gig part 2, what surprises will they be doing since the someone already spoiled the “surprises”? Hmmm.

It was actually Gang Badoy of Rock Ed Philippines who was able to interview them via Inquirer. The quotable quotes from the members expressed their appreciation and their feelings about the whole event. Here are some of them:

Question: Can you tell me about the “one big moment” for you that night?

Buddy: For me it was really while the stage was being hoisted up, through the haze I was looking out and then saw all the people, all the faces cheering us on, I felt all that energy thrown my way. Wow. It was more than overwhelming.

Question: Meron ka bang isang moment nung concert na hindi mo makakalimutan?

Marcus: P**a, hindi lang isang moment. Lahat. ‘Yung crowd, ‘yung turn-out. ‘Yung suporta sa Internet. ‘Yung tao na kung saan-saang lupalop pa nanggaling para lang manood. ‘Yung production, ‘yung stage design, ’yung logistics ng lahat. Parang, ang galing. ‘Yun ang concert.

Question: Wala ka gaanong moment-memory na nag stand-out talaga?

Marcus: Actually, ‘yung anak ko. (laughs) Umiiyak siya, buong concert! Masayang moment ’yon, basta. Cute ‘yung moment. May mga picture kasi siya nguma-ngawa. Ano ba ‘yung sagot ni Raymund?

Question: ’Yung countdown.

Marcus: Ay, siguro sa akin isang moment doon, ‘yung moment ni Ely. Nung ano… ‘yon. Siguro sa akin, ‘yun ‘yon.

Question: What was the moment you remember most from that night?

Raymund: When the crowd started counting down and we were under the stage. I actually banged the drums when it got to one. I wasn’t supposed to, but I just had to, I had to release the energy. I could feel the love, it was pure love, nothing negative. I could feel it in every pore, I knew there was going to be a video thing first and other things going on, but I just had to crash on it. In my head it was, “Let’s do this!” You know, and If I didn’t do that, kakailanganin kong tumambling, kung hindi sasabog ako. I couldn’t contain it.

Question: If all factors fall into place, Ely back health-wise, you’d do this again, right?

Raymund: Definitely. Me, personally? When he’s ready, I’d probably talk him into doing it again. I’m sure he wants to finish what he started. I mean, finish the full show, he’d want that. Because Ely worked so hard, as much as everybody did in this show, ‘di ba? I’m sure he set aside feelings about everybody also, we really all worked hard to get this together. So yeah, for as long as health-wise he’s clear, I’d like to do this again. I want to finish what we started. I want Ely to fully recover soon and talk him into finishing it. We don’t talk a lot but I want to talk him into finishing it. I’m sure that’s what Ely wants to do, too.

The “post-reunion concert” at Saguijo Cafe

I believe almost everybody knows that after the concert, there was a ‘post-reunion concert’ that happened in Saguijo Cafe. There were some people who reacted negatively to it since the rest of the guys sort of ‘partied’ while Ely was in the hospital. Many of you did not know that the ‘post-reunion concert’ in Saguijo will happen even if Ely was not rushed to the hospital. The rest of the guys actually visited Ely in the hospital. Of course they didn’t do it hours after the concert since his family should be there first.

Marcus even narrated in his multiply on how he came to Saguijo:

then we decided to go to Saguijo anyway, just to wind down. There was a full party going on, all the scenester and some old friends were there, I have outgrown this kind of scene but what the hell. I had a bottle of Chilean Red wine all to myself. I stayed outside while Cambio jammed Eheads songs inside. Later on three scenesters came to me in succession saying “tawag ka ni Raims jam ka daw”. In my mind: “Oh no! I forgot my capo, I’m not really into transposing songs right now” and I really don’t jam with Cambio my reason being “2 Heads (and three guitarists) should be enough.” But I did anyway, everyone was having a good time. I sang some parts of “Pare ko” and played guitar for “El Bimbo”. And that was it. Outside, some fashionistas were screaming “Marcus you’re a god!”. Sure. Kids. Ok. I go sleep now. I have to wake up on time tomorrow I know exactly what gift to get for Ely. Pahinga ka dude.

Question: May nagsabi na nung tumugtog kayo sa Saguijo after ng concert insensitive daw ’yon kay Ely dahil nga nasa ospital na siya… ( From Gang Badoy’s interview in Inquirer)

Hindi! Hindi… ako kasi, hindi ako juma-jam sa Cambio, kahit noon pa. My reason being, two ’Heads and three guitarists should be enough, man, hindi mo na ako kailangan doon. Plus pumunta ako doon kasi ang taas ng energy ko, tapos nalaman na namin na okey na si Ely, hindi rin ako makakatulog. Ayoko rin bumalik sa hotel, ang boring naman, ano’ng gagawin ko doon? So naghanap kami ng matatambayan. Nalaman namin na maraming nandun, so pumunta kami. Tapos tumutugtog ‘yung Cambio, tapos maya-maya may tatlong tao nang sumundo sa ‘kin, pinapatawag daw ako ni Raymund, jam daw. So tumugtog ako, masaya naman. Hindi yon dahil insensitive kami. Hindi yon ganon.

I think the person who ranted most among the 4 of them was Raymund Marasigan. Here’s his email to Sandwich Mailing list:

Sept 2, 2008

to whom it may concern

i dont usually rant but ive been hearing reports about people questioning why we played saguijo after the concert. first things first. when marlboro pulled out and cancelled the show a week ago, the band was free of all obligation to play the show. if it was about the money we could have just walked away fully paid no explanations to the press or anybody. free from the contract. the band decided to play nevertheless. the tickets and the prices was for the new promoters to buy out the production from philip morris to put it
simply. contrary to what some people think it takes money to stage a concert. stage, lights, and video screens don’t magically grow out of the ground. that’s what the ticket prices were for. the band was not
in the negotiation meetings between the the two promoters and we did not want to be in the meetings. personally i said just call me cos i’m ready to rock. no extra pay no contract negotiations. as far as the eheads was concerned were out of the contract. but here’s what you dont understand. playing music is what we do. we play when we’re happy, play when we’re sad, play when we’re angry, play when we’re sick, play til we die.

painters paint, writers write, my skateboarding friends skate or die. when u ask nba superstars what they do in their spare time. they play basketball. us musicians, we play. thats what we do. getting paid is a bonus. i will not apologize for that. when we don’t get paid we still play.

we played saguijo because we wanted to, we needed to. our hearts and souls dictated it. we could just go home and sleep. we did not talk about it. there was no invites there was no plan. we did not get paid. we borrowed equipment.

yes ely knew about it. buddy told him the next day. yes pupil was in saguijo too.

yes marcus buddy and i have lost a parent. we know how it feels.

ive been playing music for more than 30 years. professionally since 1993.there have been a few times when it was me who was unable to continue the set due to illness. albeit it was a lesser scale and (thankfully) never reported. it was nonetheless life threatening. ive had a run in with losing my voice, food poisoning, diarreah (embarassing) and a few more i do not care to mention that involved blood and bones. i had to drop out of the set from the eheads, cambio
and sandwich. thankfully there was always someone there to finish the set for me. and i am thankful that they were there. i did not feel bad. ive also saved a few shows from other bands when shit happens. we dont plan this and we dont complain but we still play.

my bmx friends ride with broken bones.

if we finished the eheads show that night you would STILL have found us in guijo playing after. yes i visited ely in the hospital yesterday. i hope he recovers soon. we have a show to finish.

music is life ill only stop playing when i die.

Raymund is someone who should we say is the “most controversial Ehead” probably with the things he say in the media. With his interview with Gang Badoy, Raymund mentioned something about Phillip Morris and being appreciative on their initiatives. One of the Eheads retractors Carlos Conde again attacked the Eraserheads but this time it was personally Raymund Marasigan. (I won’t be putting the link anymore to his blog, you can just google it up yourself 🙂 ) He already apologized to the Eheads fans but it seems that it was too insincere. This trying hard self-righteous avoids to be interviewed by Gang Badoy as a guest for Rock Ed in NU 107. Such a coward. Well anyway, it’s his choice. Let him do it his way, be hidden in the cyberworld and does not want to utter a word in the radio. According to him, there isn’t anything more to say but it seems that he HAS LOTS OF THINGS TO SAY. Isn’t that conflicting?

You can check the links here for Gang Badoy’s interview with Raymund, Buddy and Marcus.

Here are some of the pictures by the way during their rehearsal from Day Cabuhat again ( here’s the link) Enjoy!

( yeehee!)

( Marcus, Ely and Buddy conversing with Julie Pacanas)

( Makes you think about the Beatles’ rehearsal 🙂 )

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