Admit it. Most of you definitely associate those two words like I do. Eversince Xmas break started, my mom and I have been going to different malls in the metro just to (window) shop. Well, besides SM Centerpoint ( which I have been going to everyday of my life eversince that damn mall opened), I have been to Greenhills, Robinson’s Galleria, Robinson’s Place Manila, Glorietta, Gateway Mall, and Shopwise Cubao.

Hey, have you heard Yano’s song “Esem”?

patingin-tingin, d nman makabili. patingin-tingin, d makapanood ng sine…. Kailangan magsaya, kailangan magpahangin..”

We didn’t actually buy lots of stuff. We’re not rich, we can’t afford to buy those things that we see in malls. My mom and I are just amazed with the places we go to. Maybe, this xmas break gave us more time with each other because eversince my mom started to work, we didn’t have enough time to be together. Of course, during weekdays I’m in school and during weekends, usually she’s at work or at the church she belongs to.

We talk about lots of things, especially our dreams and aspirations. We enjoy eating at places we’ve never been to. We’re adventurous when it comes to food. ( obvious ba?!) Instead of buying things that we do not really need, we taste the different foods.. Diba, it’s practical nman?

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