Witnessing Wolfgang and Razorback Two Sides Live!

Basti Artadi of Wolfgang - 1

Basti Artadi, one of the Pinoy rock gods

Last March 19th Wolfgang performed for their fans at the Music Museum once more. I’m so excited for this gig because I have never seen them perform live before. Thanks to Benj (Wolfgang’s number 1 fan boy πŸ˜‰ )Β  for scoring us front row seats!

The gig started at exactly 9 pm, we’re already inside the Music Museum at around 8 pm. The stage was very simple, no flashy backdrops or video walls. It’s just like a simple bar gig. Razorback, Wolfgang’s co-repertoire in the music scene, performed first. I haven’t seen Kevin Roy for a long, long time. It just sucked when Kevin’s microphone (s) weren’t working and thus distracting the audience. Anyway, after 2 or 3 songs, the mics were ok so they still continued to rock. After a few songs (I think around 5 or more), there was a 2 minute intermission then Wolfgang entered the stage.

Kevin Roy of Razorback - 1

I got excited as Wolfgang started to perform their first song “Mata ng Diyos”. Wahh! All in all, they performed around 19 songs. That number already includes their 2 encore songs which were “Darkness Fell” and “Center of the Sun”. I’m glad that they performed my favorites such as “Halik ni Hudas”, “RP Death Squad”, “Darkness Fell”, “Center of the Sun” and “Arise”. I was actually waiting for them to play “Weightless” and “Ibrahim” but unfortunately they didn’t play them. Sadness ;( . They also had an acoustic set with some members of Razorback such as Kevin and Louie jammed with them.

By the way, I used my mobile phone to record the songs “Halik ni hudas + Natutulog Kong Mundo + Arise” and another set would be “Darkness Fell + Center of the Sun” (encore). Listen here:

Anyway, did you know that I was actually frustrated that night because thereis limited room to move? I mean, it’s Music Museum and there were cushioned chairs! Not a good place to have a rock concert. I wanted to jump but the bouncer was letting us sit down (boo, corny..). Good thing Basti made the crowd stand up so the bouncers really can’t do anything about it. By the way, this was the picture of me plurking about my frustation:

After the concert, our fan person (gender sensitive here! πŸ˜‰ ) tendencies were alarming us to go up on stage and have a picture taken with some members of the band. Manuel Legarda came onstage and voila! Benj, Karla and I immediately rushed to the stage and had a picture taken with him. Here’s our picture with Manuel Legarda, my guitar idol. Wooohoooo!!!!

It seemed that Manuel was the only one who came out so we decided to go out of the Music Museum. We saw Louie Talan (of Razorback) so we had a picture taken with him too! here’s my pic (parang love team, lol!):

It was already late and we’re getting hungry so we left Greenhills and went to Metrowalk. So sad that we weren’t able to meet Basti. Huhu. Benj even told us that Basti were looking for us but we already left! Wahhhh!!!! I hope there’s a next time.

Here are some video clips I took:

Wolfgang performing “Atomica”

Razorback performing “Voodoo Who Do?”

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