Wolfgang, Razorback and Tito Boys

Wolfgang 3

I’ve never watched a live gig at Tiendesitas before and they say that there’s a fun crowd there. Last Oct 16th, I accompanied Karla in Tiendesitas to cover a gig there. Didn’t actually know that it was their 7th year anniversary.

I only know Tiendesitas to be the one stop shop for pets, pet accessories and even supplies. They have a food court which converts to a giant “beer house” at night. A stage was set up there for the gig. There’s good lighting especially for those who shoot bands like us. There are some technical difficulties once in a while but all in all it was great. It was warm there though, imagine if it was summer.

Razorback 6


Anyway, I thought that the audience will just be beer drinking crowd who just wouldn’t care about the bands at all. It was a work night (Wednesday) but the place was packed with people and they were responsive with the band.

I was able to catch the whole set of Razorback while I was at the far part of the concert area. I brought a zoom lens with me which became helpful in shooting Razorback. By the way, happy 22nd anniversary Razorback!

Chikoy Pura 2

Chikoy Pura

Chikoy Pura also performed together with Francis Reyes and Zach Lucero. They’re collectively named “Tito Boys” right now but according to  Niña, they usually change band names :). They performed Jerks songs, especially my favorites “Reklamo” and “Rage. By this time, I was already in front of the stage – using Tito Boys’ access ID.

Wolfgang 8

Basti Artadi of Wolfgang

An hour before midnight, the crowd becomes ready for Wolfgang. I begin to notice that the crowd is already pumped up during the last 2 bands. When Basti Artadi stood up at center stage, the crowd stood up cheering for Wolfgang and bouncers were alert and made sure that no one goes very near the stage. Wolfgang was very alive as the crowd chanted for their songs – signal that audience there are real fans of Wolfgang. Basti and the rest of the guys were in the mood to perform because they can feel the energy of the crowd. I personally felt it and was really enjoying shooting the band.

– special thanks to Niña Sandejas

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