Wordcamp Manila 2008, I was there!

Sept 6, 2008 at College of St. Benilde, Wordcamp Manila 2008 was held. It was actually my first time to attend a conference like this. You know, I’m not really a techie person but this is also for non-techie people like me.

I arrived the venue at about 8:30 am. By the way, I went home at about 3 am the night before, coming from Oktoberfest 2008 hehe. I really woke up early for this πŸ™‚ Anyway, I took my Wordcamp Badge and entered the auditorium. It was good to see some familiar bloggers there and get the chance to chat with some of them. The plenary started at about 9:30 am and then were were asked to go to the talks that we’re interested to hear.

I first went to Blogging 102: Basics and Beyond with Jayvee Fernandez as the speaker. It was a helpful for me I believe as someone who has just graduated on being an “emo” blogger ( one who releases emotional stress through blogging or one who just talks more about personal stuff) this could help me make my blog productive in someway so that I could attract more readers. After that, I went to Blogie Robillo‘s talk on Blogging as a Community. He actually discussed about the Mindanao Bloggers and some tips on organizing an online community. Being a person having a sociological background, it actually interested me about the group dynamics of their community. If time and money permits me, maybe I could do a study about them ( assuming I will be taking my master’s degree hehe). The last talk I attended was of course, Karla Redor‘s talk about WordPress as CMS.

The highlight of the event is that Matt Mullenweg, Mr. WordPress himself was there! He actually looked like one of the members of a popular boyband Westllife. Hehe. He looked young and soft spoken. He actually came from Davao because Wordcamp Davao. Everybody was excited to have a picture with him.

(here’s our class picture with Matt in the middle)

( here are the photographers who were taking our class picture hehe)

( here’s Matt Mullenweg with me and Karla Redor)

Congratulations to the organizers of Wordcamp Philippines 2008. Job well done! Can’t wait for the next one! πŸ™‚

**photos were grabbed from Norman Dellosa’s multiply.

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