Yey, I got an Electrico CD!

HMV Record Store in Somerset, Singapore

Electrico is a Singaporean band that I have been dying to own a CD of. Because they’re based in Singapore, I can’t get a copy of their album here in Manila. I believe there were only a few copies that were sold in record stores then. Even though Electrico already went here in Manila in 2008 and 2009, we never got the chance to see their live gigs here in Manila because of various reasons. We. are. such. losers. Huhu. Electrico’s sound is pop rock. They somewhat remind me of Coldplay and Rivermaya (when Rico Blanco was there there).  Also, they’re one of the most popular bands in Singapore. Some say that they define “Singa – Rock” (Singaporean Rock).

Just recently, I was in Singapore with Karla so we didn’t pass the chance of searching HMV (their version of Tower Records in Singapore). There was only 1 HMV store, which was in Somerset in Orchard Road. Karla and I grabbed Electrico’s 2nd and 3rd albums (Hip City and We Satellites). Unfortunately, we can’t find their first album “So Much More Inside” released in 2004 because it was an indie release. Only 1 torrent download was available for “So Much More Inside” and it was incomplete. Boo. BUT, it’s ok. We’re both happy now. “We Satellites” costs SGD 29 something while “Hip City” costs SGD 30 +.

Electrico was previously indie but now they’re already mainstream. They’ve done collaborations with Rivermaya. It’s sad that Amanda Ling, their ex-keyboardist left the band in 2009. Aww, she’s one of my favorite members. By the way, Amanda Ling recorded a track for the upcoming 3rd album of Pupil, “2020”. Gotta wait for that!

I just noticed that there aren’t much record stores in Singapore unlike here in the Philippines – every mall has a record store. We weren’t able to witness the Singapore rock scene (aww too bad) but we are looking forward to see any band when we come back to Singapore! I’ve heard that the Singapore rock scene is awesome!

Anyway, here’s a sample of Electrico’s music. Enjoy!

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